Mining project schedule planning process

(1) Procedures for the preparation of schedules
1. Research
2. Determine the plan
3. Divide the process and estimate the time
(1) Division process
(2) Determination of process duration Now two methods are generally used to determine the process duration: First, the "experience determination method" refers to the past construction experience (generally should be statistical results) and adjust according to the actual situation. There is room for it; the second is the "quantitative calculation method".
Calculate the formula for the duration of the process:

In the formula:
The duration of the t-one process. It can be expressed in hours, days, weeks, etc.;
The engineering quantity of the Q-one process is expressed in units of physical quantities;
The number of human or mechanical R, expressed in terms of the number of construction workers or the number of units;
The production quota of the S-one process is expressed in terms of the amount of work completed per unit time. S If the actual work efficiency of the work team participating in the process construction is used, the calculation results reflect the actual situation and can also be compared with the quota requirements.
4. Draw a network diagram (or cross-section diagram) and optimize and determine the schedule. According to the context and logical relationship between the operations, draw the initial network diagram or cross-section diagram, and optimize it on the basis of optimization, including the duration and Resource optimization, so that the prepared schedule meets the construction requirements, and finally draws a formal construction schedule.

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