Mine road transportation and safety

Road transport is an open-pit mine that uses more transportation methods. To ensure the safety of road transport, the following points should be achieved:

(1) The road must meet the design requirements and be maintained frequently to ensure the smooth operation of the vehicle.

(2) The driver of the motor vehicle must pass the training test and obtain the driver's license. It is strictly forbidden to drive without a license.

(3) The vehicle shall be maintained and maintained in accordance with relevant regulations to maintain its safety performance.

(4) Dump trucks are strictly prohibited from carrying flammable and explosive materials.

(5) The vehicle should be driven at medium speed on the road of the mining site. In the sharp bend, steep slope and dangerous section, the speed limit should be specified and the speed of each section should be specified.

(6) When foggy days and smoke are more likely to affect the line of sight, the yellow light should be turned on and off before the vehicle is decelerated, and the distance between the front and back workshops is not less than 30m.

(7) During the snow and rainy seasons, when the road is slippery, there should be anti-skid measures. To slow down, the safety distance between the front and back workshops must not be less than 40m.

(8) The unloading platform should have sufficient shunting width. The unloading point must have a reliable parking facility and its height should be no less than 2/5 of the diameter of the tyre. The parking facilities must pass the technical inspection and be used.

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