Measurement of greenhouse gas and atmospheric pollutant emissions and application acceptance

[ Instrument Network Instrument Development ] On May 18th, the “Measurement and Application of Greenhouse Gas and Air Pollutant Emissions” project led by China Institute of Metrology (referred to as “China Metrology Institute”) passed the China Metrology and Testing Society in Zhengzhou. Evaluation of scientific and technological achievements.

The picture shows the scene of the scientific and technological achievements evaluation meeting
Mr. Pu Changcheng, Chairman of the China Society for Metrology and Testing, Gu Baozhong, Deputy Mayor of the Standing Committee of the Zhengzhou Municipal Committee, and Duan Yuning, Party Secretary and Vice President of the China Metrology Institute, attended the evaluation meeting and delivered speeches. Academician Gao Jie of Sichuan University, Chairman of the China Metrology and Testing Society, Pu Changcheng, Vice Chairman and Secretary General of China Intelligent Transportation Association, Guan Jizhen, Professor Li Zheng of Tsinghua University, Professor Fan Shangchun of Beijing Aerospace University, and Xia Qing, China Environmental Monitoring Station, China Researcher Zhang Xiaochun from the Meteorological Bureau, Chen Xing, Vice President of the Tianjin Metrology Institute, and Deng Gaofeng from the China Academy of Building Research attended the evaluation meeting as evaluation consultants.
All evaluation consultants listened to the basic situation of the project reported by the project team members, the overall work progress, technical routes and innovative results, and listened to the test report of the test team leader report. Gao Jie and related technical experts also conducted on-site inspections on the results of the research and development of the cavity cavity ring-down spectrometer, the flue gas flow online calibration device, and the PM2.5 monitor calibration device.
After evaluation by all the evaluation experts of the evaluation committee, the innovation of the scientific and technological achievements, the advanced level of technical indicators, and the application value and effect were highly evaluated. The expert group agreed that the implementation of the project will help to achieve measurable, reportable, verifiable, traceable source emissions of enterprises, real-time accurate monitoring of traffic emissions, and real-time monitoring of pollutants optimized by atmospheric inversion. The project results were put into use and applied in Zhengzhou, providing scientific measurement methods and technical means for the precise monitoring of greenhouse gases and atmospheric pollutants in Zhengzhou, and demonstrating the role of national promotion.
It is understood that the “Measurement and Application of Greenhouse Gas and Air Pollutant Emissions” project was jointly completed by China Metrology Institute, Zhengzhou Metrology Advanced Technology Research Institute and Beijing Transportation Development Research Institute. The project proposes a series of new methods and technologies for monitoring the emission of pollutants from air pollutants, and establishes a new system for measuring emissions of greenhouse gases and atmospheric pollutants. For the first time, the measurement of organized emissions of flue is uncertain in China. The degree is less than 5%, and the uncertainty of the total amount of urban traffic emissions is less than 30%. The project also proposes a new method to accurately measure the concentration of greenhouse gases by combining saturated absorption spectroscopy and molecular line shape, and obtains the highest signal-to-noise ratio in the laser-based spectroscopy method. The uncertainty of linear intensity measurement is improved compared with the international HITRAN database. An order of magnitude, and invented a practical fast spectral measurement method for actual greenhouse gas monitoring, laid the foundation for further advancement of instrument localization.
(Original title: "Measurement and application of greenhouse gas and atmospheric pollutant emissions" project through scientific and technological achievements evaluation)

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