Making Good Use of Resources to Protect Agriculture——Reports from the Plowing Field in Guizhou

When it comes to phosphate fertilizer, it must be associated with phosphate rock. The best phosphate resource in China is Kaiyang, Guizhou. At present, the proven reserves of phosphate rocks in Sichuan are 2.687 billion tons, accounting for 43% of the national total. Among them, 517 million tons of primary ore-rich ore reserves account for 45% of the country's reserves of phosphate-rich ore. Among them, the total amount of high-grade ore of Kaiyang Phosphate ore accounts for 35% of the country's phosphorous resources, and 78% of the country's rich ore with more than 33% of P2O5 concentrates in the Kaiyang Phosphorous Mining Area. Here, China has the only option that can be directly used for production without beneficiation. High-quality phosphorus and compound fertilizer high-quality raw materials, the best production of ammonium phosphate and other high concentrations of phosphorus compound fertilizer.

In 2005, the sales revenue of Kaifeng Group exceeded 2.32 billion yuan, and taxation was completed at 146.6 million yuan, an increase of 62% over the previous year, setting a new record for the company's history.

The reporters at the scene saw that the annual production of 600,000 tons of multi-functional compound fertilizer project in cooperation with China National Chemicals Import and Export Corporation is under intense construction. After this project is completed, annual sales income of 1.2 billion yuan will be realized, profits and taxes will be increased to more than 150 million yuan, and phosphorus-based chemical bases established at Xiaozhai Dam will enter the world's top 10 phosphate and compound fertilizers.

The high-quality ore-enriched ore of phosphorus is used by some enterprises for low-level phosphate fertilizers and processed primary products. In addition, some small ore mines with primitive mining methods and low recovery rate for exploiting phosphate rock compete with open-phosphorus groups for resources and indiscriminate mining, which is a waste of valuable resources. If we do not fundamentally change the mode of high-consumption, high-pollution, low-efficiency growth, the phosphate rock resources in Guizhou will be overwhelmed and the ecological environment will be severely damaged.

Two years ago, “China Chemical News” once reported that one company had forcibly removed a lot of resources from the phosphate mining area with the support of individual leaders in Guizhou Province. In 2005, things finally made progress. Some senior leaders in Guizhou Province were thus dismissed from the case and the phosphors were regained control of resources.

Dr. Qu Qinglin, chairman of the Kaihua Group, said that if the resources for phosphorus are used properly, they can be exploited for decades or nearly a hundred years. If government officials are corrupt, then the phosphorus is maintained for up to three or five decades; if our leadership is corrupt, the phosphorus More than ten years will have to close. To maintain a good phosphorus content, it is necessary to continuously promote scientific and technological innovation in mining and deep processing of phosphorus resources, continuously improve the mining process, introduce advanced technologies, increase the mechanization level and recovery rate of mineral resources exploitation, and help and support enterprises to develop circular economy. , Extend the industrial chain, through continuous improvement in the level of science and technology, and strive to obtain maximum economic benefits with minimal resource consumption.

At the end of 2005, the Phosphorus Company and the China Development Bank Guizhou Branch signed a letter of intent that the Development Bank will provide loans to the Phosphorus Company to develop a 1.2 million tons of diammonium phosphate and a mine expansion project with an annual output of 4 million tons of ore. An important use of this fund is to increase the recovery rate.

When spring plowing is coming, in order to ensure agricultural fertilizers, most fertilizer companies will only have to increase horsepower to produce, and the opening of phosphorus will also have another more important responsibility: to ensure 100 years of agriculture, and for the long-term efficiency of the fertilizer industry to feed agriculture, open up the development of phosphorus At the same time, we must continue to watch for good resources.

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