"Made in China" cannot be underestimated

In recent years, there has been a high demand for promoting the ability to “create China” as quickly as possible. The reason is that quite a lot of the equipment technologies needed in China for many years have mainly depended on imports. After the equipment technology is imported, what technology is used is often used to introduce what technology, and it is rarely considered how to turn people's things into their own. When parts and components need to be replaced, they must spend foreign exchange to find orders from foreign manufacturers. As time goes by, they form a strange circle of introduction, use, reintroduction, and reuse. Companies rarely consider digesting and absorbing innovation. The result of this is that the introduced technology or device may be forever demanded or even controlled by others. Therefore, there was the aforementioned call. However, the author believes that the above situation will be closely related to the "Made in China" level. Only by raising the "Made in China" level will it be possible to achieve "Creation in China" in the end. Both are indispensable.

The importance of "Creation in China" is self-evident, and the importance of "Made in China" cannot be underestimated. The two are interdependent and complementary. According to the author's opinion, at present, in the domestic processing and manufacturing industry, how to increase the manufacturing level should first of all be taken seriously. I have been to some chemical companies, whether they are imported from abroad or self-manufactured equipment. The gap is first manifested in our manufacturing process, mainly in terms of design concepts, process flow, and processing level. It can be said that no matter how good the creative ability or even the best process design is, if there is no superior manufacturing standard, no first-class equipment and equipment can be produced.

In fact, the process of focusing on improving the manufacturing level of this company is also a process of gradually creating the ability to create. Without first-rate manufacturing level, it will not be able to reach the first-class level of creativity.

Not long ago, during an interview with a heavy machinery manufacturing company in Zhangjiagang, Jiangsu Province, the author learned that this privately-owned pressure vessel design and manufacturing company, after independent research and development, has already built its largest 12,000 tons hydraulic press on its own. After nearly a year of research and development, this privately-owned manufacturing company has not only achieved "Creation in China" but also completed "Made in China." They say that their creation means that they have achieved the result of “creation” when they block technology abroad; they say that they are manufacturing the largest hydraulic press in Asia using high-standard manufacturing processes. If there is no first-class manufacturing level, it may be difficult to create a qualified hydraulic press even if it is “creating” the design drawings and related parameters of a large hydraulic press.

Therefore, do not underestimate the “Made in China” because the manufacturing process will find and meet many unimaginable technical problems, and these technical problems may be the difficulties that hinder us to realize the dream of “Created in China”. Further, the manufacturing process is also a creative process.

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