Luoyang Lepton to build Internet of Things technology specialization to help Luoyang become the Internet of Things "high technology"

A spicy boiled fish is served on the table, consumers may be in the heart Q: Where is the fish hit? Pepper is not authentic Sichuan pepper?

Now to understand this problem, it is very simple! With the food traceability management system based on Internet of Things technology, information such as raw material origin, transportation and distribution, purchasing staff and other information of the dishes will be input into the relevant chips. Consumers can inquire all the information of the selected dishes through the intelligent terminal device, eat more clearly, and more rest assured.

Yan Yuliang, deputy general manager of Luoyang Lepson Information Technology Co., Ltd. said that the company relies on the Internet of Things technology to develop food traceability management systems, animal traceability management systems, retail management systems and other products. In the electronic ear tag, UHF chip packaging technology, Sensing equipment and other areas in the forefront of the country.

Internet of Things application of space how much? Yan Yuliang as an example: in animal traceability technology, through the bundled in the legs of the cow's electronic tags and sensors, each cow can effectively monitor the body temperature, physical fitness, physical activity and other health information; staff can use PDA and other terminals daily view Health status of cows, cows can be abnormal to take preventive measures in advance to effectively improve the breeding efficiency of dairy cows and the quality of milk produced; pet information management, pets can wear ear tag tracking equipment, through electronic positioning technology, effective Reduce pet loss and abandonment.

"Go it alone, it is better" Baotuan heating. " Luoyang Lepson is relying on its Luoyang Wisdom Factory Technology Park, through the integration of relevant research institutions, manufacturing enterprises, building things networking technology specialize in creating a space. The next three years, the Chong Chuang space mainly around radio frequency identification technology, smart terminal reader technology, bio-detection technology, software applications and development to attract a number of small and micro enterprises stationed to improve the technical level of things. At the same time, to provide small and medium enterprises to provide Luoyang Laushengsheng own technology accumulation, equipment, personnel team, market channels and other support to help its rapid growth.

At present, Luoyang Wisdom Workshop Technology Park has 26 enterprises stationed. Yan Yuliang said that by creating Chong Chung space, help Luoyang become the "technology high ground" for the development of the Internet of Things. (Luoyang Daily reporter Jiang Mingming)