Looking forward to the help of the Secretary of State for Public Security, Mail Box, siblings will be reunited after 48 years

Looking forward to the help of the Secretary of State for Public Security Bureau mail box siblings will be reunited after 48 years diesel generator | diesel generator price / 2012-06-29

48 years ago, due to his poor health, Mr. Hao was born to a family.
Three days ago, a civilian police officer of Xicheng District Public Security Bureau suddenly contacted Mr. Hao and said that Hebei Yanjiao family had sought help from the Director of the Beijing Public Security Bureau's mailbox and wanted to find his younger brother. The name and age are consistent with Mr. Hao. Upon hearing this news, Mr. Hao was shocked and delighted. He probably had an older brother and an older sister. “We will meet next Monday, and if this is done, I hope to get back the feelings of my siblings,” said Hao.
Younger brother
Give birth as soon as you are born
It was 32-year-old Mr. Wang Shaoping, who was in Beijing Yanjiao County, to seek help from the Director of the Beijing Public Security Bureau. Wang Shaoping said that in 1964, his grandmother produced from Xuanwu Hospital in Hebei and Beijing. Grandma gave birth to a boy and was the third child in the family. Grandma's health is poor, and hemiplegia does not occur after birth. So the relatives of Beijing asked for help, and the youngest son was given to a family named Hao. Later, he learned that the child was named "Hao satisfied."
At the beginning, the two families were still in touch. After Wang Shaoping’s grandparents passed away, Wang’s family would no longer be clear about Hao’s satisfaction.
Big brother chanting
Very much want to see younger brother
48 years later, Wang Shaoping’s father Wang Chuntian is now 57 years old and Wang Shaoping’s aunt is 70 years old. Wang Chuntian said: “I have a younger brother in Beijing, but I haven’t seen it for a lifetime.” Wang Shaoping thought that since he knew the name and address of that year, he was very hopeful to find “Uncle Hao”. He volunteered for help from the police. I hope to help my father complete this wish.
Three days ago, the Xicheng Public Security Bureau contacted Mr. Hao based on the information.
Younger surprise
I also thought about my family
When Hao Sai got to know the news, he was shocked and happy. He said that he lived near the food market mouth. When he was young, he vaguely heard that the residents said he was adopting and he was sad because he was called "little black man." Now that adoptive parents are gone, he has also tried to find loved ones. He can only be given up because he has too few clues.
Now with the help of the police, Mr. Hao finally contacted his relatives. They have not yet met, but they have had a call. During the call, the two sides were slightly embarrassed, and Wang Shaoping could only call this person his "uncle" as "Mr. Hao." The two sides will meet on the next Monday.
Meet next week
Want to test DNA to confirm affection
Hao Sai said that he can be happy to find his elder brother and sister, and he is also looking forward to this meeting. At the same time, he also mentioned that if all sorts of details are basically consistent, he also hopes to do some DNA identification and make this matter clear. “After the chiseling, I hope to get my feelings back with my brother and sister. I hope not only to meet once, but also to come and go during holidays.”
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