Liu Jinliang: The marketing structure is not "on-grid"

Liu Jinliang: The marketing structure is not "on-grid" In the past month or so, there have been rumors that Geely made major adjustments to its marketing structure. At the Shenzhen-Hong Kong-Macao Auto Show today, Mr. Liu Jinliang, vice president of the Geely Group and general manager of the sales company, confirmed the news to the media. Geely adjusted the three vertical vertical marketing structures of Emgrand, Global Hawk, and England to the north led by the marketing headquarters. The structure of the three regional marketing divisions in the central, southern and southern regions (for details, see: “The Geely Marketing Structure Adjusted and Established Three Major Districts Marketing Division”).

As soon as the news came out, it attracted the attention and discussions of people in the industry and senior media. Some people called Geely this adjustment as a net and expressed their agreement.

For this reason, the Automotive Industry and Economics Network interviewed Mr. Liu Jinliang on the telephone for the first time.

Liu Jinliang stated that this adjustment is not a sub-network or grid connection that everyone understands. There is no sub-division and one said, but a completely different marketing structure adjustment. The original intention of implementing this adjustment is precisely to strengthen Geely's brand strategy so that it can be further refined. First of all, Geely will raise the brand management to the height of the marketing headquarters. The marketing headquarters will unify the planning of brand positioning, unified management, and unified deployment. Since precise repositioning is required, this move undoubtedly strengthens the integrity of the three brands, and it does not need to worry about the difference in positioning of a certain brand between different regions. At the same time, it can also provide regional features such as regional tour exhibitions. The specific work is left to the region's own responsibility. Secondly, as mentioned before, changes in the structure are conducive to the sinking of organizational structure and personnel. The brand's repositioning and strengthening of the implementation is precisely the need for a strong front-end to ensure this.

He gave an example: "For example, in the original region, there were three brand managers from Emgrand, Global Hawk and England, each managing a brand. Under the current regional model, they only need to be responsible for an area in the original area, which is bound to reach the effect of intensive cultivation. "But for the channel, there will be no change. For dealers, there is no change in personnel responsible for regional management.

In addition, for some of the "this adjustment is the precursor of brand merger" speculation, Liu also gave a negative. He said: "The brand's planning needs to be prudent, and it also needs to invest a great deal of strength. Since we have referred the brand to the level of the marketing headquarters for unified planning, they will have different positioning, so there is no such thing as a merger of brands."

Judging from external reviews, Geely's adjustment of the marketing structure has received relatively unanimous affirmation. I hope that Geely's adjustment will light up the development of multi-brand auto companies.

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