Linan successfully developed the country's first imported fast-closing valve device

Recently, China's first large-scale wind tunnel inflow test device imported fast closing valve device, was born in Zhejiang High and Medium Pressure Valve Co., Ltd.

Zhejiang High and Medium Pressure Valve Co., Ltd. is the designated enterprise of the former Ministry of Machinery Industry to produce high and medium pressure valves, the member of China General Machinery Valve Industry Association, and the member of China National Petroleum Corporation's first-level supply network. The company's products have been awarded the Norwegian Classification Society IS09001 quality certificate and the American Petroleum Institute certificate. In May of this year, the company introduced the original plan for importing fast-closing valve devices from abroad. After half a year of development, the 5.5-ton device was finally born. The device is suitable for medium temperatures up to 750 degrees Celsius, and only the internals of the valve unit are made of seven different superalloys.

Among the seven different superalloys, Alloy GH3044 is a high-temperature alloy recently developed by Beijing Iron and Steel Institute. Due to the huge casting weight of GH3044 and the net weight of 2 tons, CH3044 is difficult to manufacture with modern precision technology. The technicians of Zhejiang High and Medium Pressure Valve Co., Ltd. read a lot of materials and used many years of experience to simulate casting, cutting and heat treatment of castings by computer. The test finally solved the sand casting of GH3044. At present, the sand casting method of GH3044 superalloy also applies for a national invention patent.

Some experts have commented that the successful trial production of castings of GH3044 alloy not only improved the traditional process of smelting, but also promoted the development of nuclear industry, shipbuilding industry and China's valve industry, and the castings can be used in electric power, metallurgy, boilers and medicine. Such national key construction project industries will bring new opportunities for the development of Lin'an industry.

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