Light vertical multi-pole centrifugal pump features introduced

Application: The RCDL / RCDLF is a versatile product that delivers a wide range of media from tap water to industrial liquids, adapts to varying temperatures, flow rates and pressure ranges, CDL for non-aggressive liquids and CDLF for mildly corrosive liquids. Water Supply: Waterworks filtration and transportation, water district division water, supercharger, high-rise building pressurized. Industrial Booster: Process Water System, Cleaning System, High Pressure Flushing System, Fire Fighting System. Industrial liquid transfer: cooling and air conditioning systems, boiler feedwater and condensing systems, machine tools, acids and alkalis. Water treatment: UF system, reverse osmosis system, distillation system, separator, swimming pool. Irrigation: Farmland irrigation, sprinkler irrigation, drip irrigation. Working conditions: thin, clean, non-flammable explosive and does not contain solid particles or fibers of the liquid. Liquid temperature: Normal temperature -15 ℃ to +70 ℃ Hot water +70 ℃ to 120 ℃ Maximum ambient temperature: +40 ℃ Altitude: up to 1000m Pump: RCDL / RCDLF is a non-self-priming vertical multistage centrifugal pump with a standard motor. The motor shaft is connected to the pump shaft through a pump head coupling. The pull rod bolt fixes the pressure cylinder and the overcurrent unit to the pump head and out Between the water, the pump inlet and outlet in the same line. The pump can be configured according to the needs of intelligent protection device, the pump dry, lack of phase, overload and other effective protection. Motor: motor is fully enclosed, air-cooled two-pole standard motor. Protection class: IP55 Insulation class: F Standard voltage, 50Hz: 1X220-230 / 240V, 3X200-220 / 346-380V, 3X220-240 / 380-415V, 3X380-415V Minimum inlet pressure NPSH: In order to avoid cavitation, ensure that there is a minimum pressure on the inlet side of the pump. The maximum suction H [m] can be calculated as follows: H = Pb × 10.2-NPSH-Hf-Hv-Hs Pb = atmospheric pressure [bar] (atmospheric pressure can be set to 1 bar), Pb is system pressure [bar] in closed system NPSH = net positive tip [m] Possible maximum flow at the read). Hf = Line loss at inlet [m]. Hv = steam pressure [m]. Hs = safety margin = minimum 0.5m head. If the calculated H is positive, the pump can be operated at maximum suction. If the calculated H is negative, there must be a minimum inlet pressure H head. Parallel operation: multiple pumps in parallel to replace a large pump may have more advantages in the variable flow system, to adapt to the system required operating point. Increase the possibility of water supply, because the pump failure, only affect the system part of the flow.