Liaoning energy-saving technology promotes resource intensive

Fushun City, Liaoning Province has taken a multi-pronged approach, focusing on energy conservation, water conservation, electricity saving, recycling economy, comprehensive utilization of resources, etc., through deepening reform, structural adjustment, accelerating technological progress, strengthening energy conservation management, promoting and applying a number of advanced and practical Energy-saving, water-saving technologies and products support a group of comprehensively utilized products and enterprises, reducing resource consumption and promoting resource intensive use.

Energy conservation and consumption reduction have become the consensus of various enterprises in Fushun City. CNPC Fushun Petrochemical Company is a large-capacity producer with an annual crude oil processing capacity of nearly 10 million tons, and is also a major energy consumer. In recent years, they have placed the development of circular economy, improved resource utilization, energy conservation and consumption reduction on the important agenda, and established and improved the system of resource conservation and recycling. The company carried out energy optimization work, and set up three working groups of process, public works and heating furnace to optimize the work, saving 123,000 tons of standard oil every year. The international advanced detectors have been introduced from abroad to strengthen the monitoring of the leaks in the underground pipe network. Fushun Aluminum Plant carried out energy-saving renovation of some backward production processes and old equipment, and used state loans and self-raised funds to invest 700 million yuan to carry out energy-saving and environmental protection transformation of aluminum electrolysis. After the transformation project is put into production, the annual production capacity will increase from the original 45,000 tons to 110,000 tons. At present, the energy consumption index of the main products of this enterprise has been declining year by year, ranking among the first in the domestic industry. The new steel company has increased the utilization rate of blast furnace gas, steel slag, water slag and wastewater through the utilization of “three wastes” resources. The water consumption, gas utilization rate, comprehensive energy consumption and slag utilization rate of the steel have reached the national clean production level.

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