LED New Deal will accelerate the pace of industrial reshuffle

The world's largest lighting LED exhibition just concluded Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition reflects the current new trend of the global LED industry. The impact of China's industrial new deal on the market has been outstanding in this exhibition. Many exhibitors believe that the country promotes the LED industry in 2015. The 500 billion yuan stimulus plan and the popular use of LED public lighting in Guangdong Province will strongly promote the industry to accelerate the reshuffle.
By 2015, the scale of the LED industry will reach 500 billion yuan. Pan Wenbo, the founder of Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition, said that China is a big country in the production and consumption of incandescent lamps. The stock of incandescent lamps is about 15 billion, with an annual output of 3.85 billion and 1.07 billion. . The official announcement of the elimination of the incandescent lamp roadmap will have a long-term positive for the LED lighting industry and the energy-saving lamp industry. The market size formed by replacing only the existing incandescent lamps will reach hundreds of billions of yuan.
Although two years ago, China's LED lighting market share is less than 1, but the country's determination to promote the semiconductor lighting industry has been set. According to the "12th Five-Year Special Plan for the Development of Semiconductor Lighting Technology", by 2015, China's LED lighting industry will reach 500 billion yuan, LED lighting products account for 30% of general lighting, and focus on cultivating 20-30 leading enterprises and 20 countries. The industrial bases of the industry and 50 pilot cities of ten cities and ten thousand cities promoted China's semiconductor lighting industry into the top three in the world.
The national-level policy also includes, recently, the State Council researched and determined the policy measures to promote the consumption of energy-efficient home appliances and other products, and decided to arrange financial subsidies of 26.5 billion yuan, of which 2.2 billion yuan was used to support the promotion of energy-saving lamps and LED lighting. The primary beneficiaries of state subsidies will be those large, competitive LED companies.
In addition, because LED lighting has the energy-saving and environmental protection advantages that traditional lighting can't match, last year, China released the roadmap for eliminating incandescent lamps, and decided to ban the sale and import of incandescent lamps for general lighting of 100 watts and above from October 1 this year. It is forbidden to sell and import incandescent lamps for general lighting of 15 watts and above by October 1, 2016. This means that incandescent lamps will gradually withdraw from the historical stage from this year, LED lighting will usher in new development opportunities.
Pan Wenbo introduced the recently implemented “Guangdong Province Promotional Use of LED Lighting Products Implementation Plan”. According to the overall goal of popularizing LED public lighting for three years, it can achieve more than 50 energy saving under the caliber of the year-on-year. Guangdong's approach is expected to be promoted and developed nationwide. .
The LED industry will usher in a new round of price wars. This year's Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition, Zhongshan has a total of 705 companies exhibiting, of which Huayi Lighting is the largest exhibitor in Zhongshan. However, compared with the previous session, Zhongshan has reduced the number of participating companies this year by more than 200. Hua Xin brand manager Liu Xin believes that this may reflect the industry reshuffle or industry concentration is increasing, that is, small businesses are increasingly unable to participate. International brand exhibition.
At present, the price difference between LED lamps and ordinary energy-saving lamps on the market is more than 5 times, and the price is between 40-100 yuan. Therefore, LED applications are now more concentrated in commercial rather than civilian fields, but exhibitors believe that the state is responsible for energy-saving lighting 22 The subsidy will reduce the price of LED lights, and the decline may reach 15-20. Some companies believe that the LED industry may encounter a new round of price wars, and companies with insufficient strength will be eliminated.

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