LED lighting adapts to intelligent development

In 2013, led lighting came along. When I look back, my growth process has gained and there are setbacks. As the saying goes, how can I see the rainbow without going through the storm? The growth of the led industry can be said to have experienced enough tempering and is maturing. So, 2014 is the new year, the new beginning, how to go led lighting? And we are closely related to LED lighting: how should entrepreneurs, other practitioners and the media plan to promote the healthy development of LED lighting? I have thought about it for a while. I wonder if everyone agrees?
2014 incandescent lamp makes the led lighting homeopathic. According to the latest news from abroad, the manufacturers of 40-watt and 60-watt incandescent lamps that American families like to use most, announced that they will stop the production and supply of incandescent lamps from the beginning of 2014. Incandescent lamps have been eliminated, and it is natural to have new members. The controversial law is said to promote energy-efficient compact fluorescent lamps, LED lights and other energy-efficient bulbs. This move by the United States is likely to form a butterfly effect. Countries such as China, South Korea and Australia will also completely ban incandescent lamps and extend the range of LED lamps from existing industrial applications to residential indoor lighting. Another group of data shows that in 2013, China's home lighting market reached 5,941 million US dollars, a growth of 36, of which LED home lighting market reached 814 million US dollars, an increase of 96, is expected to account for 24. Today's home lighting market demand Opening is undoubtedly a good news for domestic companies entering the US led market. Based on the above two points, in 2014, the market potential of domestic and foreign LED lighting is very large.
12 On this page, the rest of the content is displayed. Smart lighting is a good partner. The LED lights are full of glamour. The Led lights have the following advantages:
First, the brightness of the LED is adjustable with the light color, which can perfectly satisfy the color atmosphere of the interior decoration. In the development of the scene lighting market, it has the advantage that the traditional light source is incomparable.
Second, the LED is easy to dynamically control, and the cluster control can be designed according to the user's needs. In some occasions requiring programming capability, a series of solutions can be provided to provide convenient operation for intelligent management of indoor lighting.
Third, the LED is small in size and more decorative. It can be integrated with the building through the design of the lamp tube to achieve the effect of seeing the light.
Fourth, LEDs have long life and no mercury, which is in line with national policy requirements for energy conservation and emission reduction.
Depending on the product characteristics of the LED, the most suitable place for its application is indoor lighting. The reason for this is that LED has better stability and reliability in addition to energy saving. Compared with outdoor lighting, LED has more room for development in indoor lighting, and is more suitable for the characteristics of the product itself. With the reduction of price, advancement of technology, and maturity of products, LED is expected to enter large-scale in about 3 years. Indoor general lighting field. As the market share of LED lighting is steadily increasing, the market size of LED lighting will reach the indoor lighting market within five years.
Led lamps will be combined with smart homes to go to smart lighting. What is smart lighting? It refers to the use of computer, wireless communication data transmission, spread spectrum power carrier communication technology, computer intelligent information processing and energy-saving electrical control technology to form a distributed wireless telemetry, remote control, remote communication system to achieve intelligent lighting equipment Control. This kind of system has the functions of intensity adjustment of light brightness, soft start of light, timing control, scene setting, etc., which can achieve safety, energy saving, comfort and high efficiency. Therefore, according to the characteristics of LED lamp products, it has become the first choice for intelligent lighting.
Rethinking how the past enterprises should face the LED lighting market in the past because in the year of the development of the LED lighting industry, there have indeed been many unexpected incidents, such as enterprises suspected of fraud, the Minister of Science and Technology, and the boss Negative events such as roads and corporate failures. At the same time, the author also noticed that some experts in the industry analyzed the market, indicating that the future industry scale of the lighting industry will be reduced from 500 billion yuan to 450 billion yuan, and the number of leading enterprises to be cultivated will be reduced from 10-30 to 10 -15 homes. It can be seen that because of the relationship in 2013, on the one hand, there are many uncertain factors in the future LED lighting market. On the other hand, it also reflects the confusion in the LED lighting market. It is inevitable that enterprises or users who want to enter will have doubts. Can this market not be nuggeted?
Before I understand the relevant situation, the author also has doubts in his mind. Why is there any such phenomenon under the strong support of the national policy? In December 2013, the LED industry showed a phenomenon of increasing revenue without increasing profits. The specific data came from high-tech LED. In the first three quarters of this year, the total output value of the LED industry was 263.8 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 28. Compared with the growth of revenue. Compared with the net profit of the LED industry, there is not much growth. Wu Yulin, president of the Foshan Lighting and Lighting Industry Association, believes that this increase in revenue does not increase the profit, reflecting that the entire LED market is improving, which is a good for the entire industry. In order to further analyze this phenomenon, the author interviewed some led lighting engineering companies. The general manager of Beijing Luyuanquan Trading Co., Ltd. Niu Yichen believes that this strange phenomenon is not caused by overcapacity, but caused by market price war. of. In the market, some LED products are shoddy, thus reducing costs and lowering prices. The existence of some small workshops has caused a great impact on the market by occupying the low-end decoration market, resulting in the loss of good quality but high-priced LED products. The advantage. When talking about the obstacles that the LED lighting market will encounter in the future, the cattle always emphasize that LED lighting wants to develop healthily, and it is necessary to pay attention to quality, achieve green environmental protection and energy conservation. He is not in favor of price wars, because if the value and price of a product is seriously divorced, the market will be confused.
How to choose the LED light on the user's view on the status quo of led lighting products, Niu Zong said that when the old white name is using LED lighting products, only know that the country is supporting LED lighting energy-saving products, know that led power saving, but Often go to choose a lower-priced product, the result is not long before it breaks, and then misunderstood the led light, which affects the marketing of led lighting. He appealed that users should correctly understand the functions and applications of LED lighting products, understand the real situation of LED lighting prices, and do not choose products with a single price.
The intelligent application of led lighting currently benefits from road lighting, with different lighting in the middle of the night and in the middle of the night; at the same time, the sound control lights in the corridor, etc., realize the significance of energy saving and energy saving. Then, the author believes that LED lighting is in front of millions of families.

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