Leaf area instrument for tomato leaf area measurement research advantages

Living measurement of leaf area has a very important role in plant research, and there are many methods to achieve living area measurement of leaf area, but there are some limitations. For example, the coefficient determination method is only suitable for the blade whose main part is approximately rectangular; the measurement method of the leaf area meter is accurate and fast, but the instrument is expensive; and the measurement accuracy of the CAD graphic processing technology is easily affected by the blade flatness and camera angle. The impact; leaf area measurement systems based on machine vision techniques will cause measurement errors due to blade deformation or leaf overlap. Compared with the accuracy of the measurement results, the comparison of the leaf area meter is scientific research.

The leaf area meter recently has an upgraded version of the product, called the insect leaf area measuring instrument. It uses advanced image processing technology and comprehensive design software based on leaf feature extraction, space conversion, edge detection principle, morphology and other technologies. . Not only is it applied to the measurement of leaf area, it can also effectively measure the area of ​​the insect patch.

The results of leaf area measurement can be seen that the linear regression of the product of tomato leaf area and leaf length and breadth, the power function regression scatter plot, and the power function regression scatter plot of leaf area and leaf length and leaf width can be seen. The observation points of the larger leaves are scattered farther down the regression line, while the larger leaves of the tomato plants taken on 05-10 are more. Therefore, it is reasonable to establish the regression equation for the product of tomato leaf area and leaf length, leaf width and leaf length and breadth based on leaf size.

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