Le Bird: Do you want to install the fire power monitoring system?

With the construction of small high-rise residents, the scope of the fire has become larger and larger. Many families have chosen to install fire power monitoring systems to prevent fires. The country has also issued relevant legal provisions to regulate fire power The specific reference materials of the use place of the monitoring system are as follows:

1. Article 3.4.2 of "Code for Design of Automatic Fire Alarm System" in GB50116-2013: The fire-fighting equipment installed in the fire control room shall include a fire alarm controller, a fire-fighting linkage controller, a graphic display device for the fire-fighting control room, a fire-fighting electric switchboard , Fire emergency broadcast control device, fire emergency lighting and evacuation indication system control device, fire power monitor and other equipment or combined equipment with corresponding functions.

Fire power monitoring system

2. In 2013, the new "Code for Design of Automatic Fire Alarm System" clarified that the fire control room should include a fire power monitor.

3. Therefore, when the project is under fire inspection, the fire equipment power supply monitoring system is a must-check content, and it cannot pass the inspection without installation.

The importance of the installation of fire power monitoring system:

1. Inside modern buildings, there are many types of fire alarm, fire prevention and fire extinguishing systems, and they are distributed in every corner of the building. When a disaster occurs, whether the fire fighting equipment is in a normal working state is directly related to whether the safety of people's lives and property is timely protected. Tragedy is common because of the aging of equipment and the interruption of power to cause the work of monitoring equipment and fire protection equipment to be interrupted, which delays the control of the fire. Therefore, the monitoring system for the power supply of fire fighting equipment came into being, which effectively monitors the working status of various fire fighting equipment.

2. The fire control room is not only a monitoring center for the operation and management of building automatic fire protection facilities, but also an emergency command center for social units to fight the initial fire. It is related to whether the fire can be effectively prevented, and if the fire occurs, it can effectively control the initial fire and minimize the loss. It is extremely important to ensure the normal operation of automatic firefighting facilities in the event of a fire. The fire safety of a building depends largely on the quality of the fire fighting equipment, and whether the fire alarm system in the fire control room and the related fire linkage equipment can work normally depends on whether the power supply of the fire fighting equipment can work normally and effectively . All along, fire control equipment failure caused by the out-of-control power supply of fire protection equipment has caused fire to spread frequently, especially when the power supply is tight, the equipment quality is poor, and the safety awareness is weak, this problem is particularly prominent.

3. The fire fighting equipment power supply monitoring system can effectively reduce the failure rate of the fire fighting equipment power supply and ensure the normal operation of the fire fighting equipment, thereby providing a strong technical guarantee for the normal operation of the fire fighting equipment, the evacuation of personnel and the rescue in case of fire. HE601 The fire protection equipment power supply monitoring system will "escort" the fire protection equipment and play an active role in effectively protecting people's lives and national property safety.

Fire-fighting equipment power supply monitoring system should be installed in various fire-fighting equipment power supply, such as "fire hydrant (fire cannon) system, automatic sprinkler system, water spray (fine water mist) fire extinguishing system, rain sprinkler system (pump water supply) , Foam fire extinguishing system, dry powder fire extinguishing system, gas fire extinguishing system, smoke and smoke exhaust system, fire door and shutter system, fire elevator, fire emergency lighting and evacuation indicator system, fire equipment emergency power supply (EPS), fire equipment DC power supply, etc. .

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