Launching IoT smart campus NFC technology can change out of which innovative applications

NFC has also been plowing for quite a long time in the field of Internet of Things. With the loosening of regulations, NFC finally came to prominence in China, and the industry and academia have been actively expanding application services. In the campus life, NFC has played what role? Near Field Communication (NFC) is no longer a new term, said Ye Yaoming, director of the School of Information at Kaanan University. NFC is an upgraded version of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology! With the advantages of wireless transmission, it is bound to one of the major access points in the Internet of things, will play more innovative energy. Mobile phone applications such as NFC with micro-payments, transportation, access control, etc., has long been implemented in advanced countries. In fact, China has also promoted for many years, but the infrastructure in the past has not been complete enough so that the development has stalled! With the acceleration of smart phone and IoT device ownership and penetration, NFC payment has gradually become the trend and trend of development in China's developed cities. The rapid development of NFC is just around the corner! In the campus life, NFC technology can change what innovative applications? First, NFC credit card named quick and easy Some schools use "hand-held credit card machines" to induce student ID cards for point-by-point statistics. Some schools also use them to record study passports before they are collected into the database. This year, manufacturers have provided "NFC smart tablet computer" to replace the handheld credit card machine, name records can be uploaded to the management center in real time, but also very convenient outside the school named. Second, NFC mobile payment safe and convenient Microfinance is undoubtedly one of the most watched NFC features. This mobile payment method is just as convenient as paying for a transportation card. However, NFC mobile payment is much more secure than a bus transportation card. Because NFC mobile phones have security components inside, some built in the SIM card, while others are built-in SD memory card. Third, NFC virtual card in one hand The application of virtual cards can only be described as "unlimited"! As long as the ticket is stored in the mobile device or access control "code", near the NFC card reader can pass induction. For example, air tickets, hotel door cards, movie tickets, ball games tickets, etc., can pass the "virtual card" certification. High-speed rail tickets, movie tickets, and NFC virtual cards like those certified with QR codes are also available. More important application is "credit card payment." Credit card and traffic card "virtualization", download APP to mobile phone, tablet computer, you can complete the credit card payment through NFC sensing. And all cards, tickets are stored in the phone inside, easy to carry and will not be lost, convenience is amazing! But to pay special attention is that Ye Yaoming pointed out that if the NFC mobile phone security key is built-in SIM card, you can now store eight kinds of virtual credit card and bus card. If the security component is built-in SD memory card, can only store two kinds of virtual credit card and bus card, the relevant manufacturers are still ongoing research and development, is expected to be expanded next year. Fourth, NFC intelligent transportation saves time and effort More and more schools now offer "digital student ID" (student ID + bus card) to students. In the future, digital student ID can be combined with NFC tag, or digital student ID can be used to virtualize NFC mobile phone and use NFC in various ways Public transportation. In the school bus or bus stop sign can be installed smart tags, students use the NFC mobile phone to read the label, and then through the network, you can check the frequency of about how long the bus arrived, saving time and efficiency. This model can also be copied to high-speed rail, subway, bus and other systems, the future of all transport networks are integrated, commuting is no longer a chore! Fifth, NFC access control security upgrade As long as you make good use of the principle of NFC data transmission, you can achieve a lot of "access control" applications. And storing the voucher (code) in the access control into the phone equates to a "virtual key," not afraid to be lost or stolen. Even more convenient is the "key" can also be sent to a specific object, as long as the time and permissions set, the authorized person will be able to access within a specific time. Time is up, the "key" will automatically expire, really safe, economical and environmentally friendly way. This kind of access control is best used in laboratories or teaching laboratories because of the frequent entrance of work-study students, graduate students or doctoral students. If the teacher holds the virtual key, he will not have to worry about the key being given to the student and will be copied or lost. And the teacher can set the key to the key, the virtual key students get automatically expired at a specific time, can no longer sneak into the laboratory or laboratory. VI, NFC tag Cloud data with take It is dazzling that schools often post posters in public places, and they are also advocating laws and regulations and living information. Now, a simple and graceful poster that does not even need posters, just tagged with an NFC tag can convey a huge amount of graphic information that is somewhat similar to a QR code. Students or faculty members can browse information by pointing their NFC mobile phone at an NFC tag on a poster or billboard. As the information stored in the cloud, so there is no capacity ceiling, the label can be reused, environmentally friendly and cost savings. For example, at KaiNan University, you can read a library poster with a mobile phone. When a library has a new book shelf, students can click to preview the new book that they are interested in. VII, NFC device management more comprehensive equipment Many school facilities and public facilities are opened for registration and borrowing from teachers and students. However, procedures such as booking, lending and arranging are complex and easy to miss, so the whereabouts of the equipment are unknown. With an NFC device, it's like having one more administrator. Teachers or students make an appointment to register with the NFC card reader and transfer the records to the management system to avoid the omission of past handwriting schedules. And through the NFC sensor, without the hand of others, to strengthen safety management, but also to ensure the privacy of teachers and students. Eight, NFC tag is conducive to patrol punching Through the NFC can create a patrol punching mechanism. The school set up patrol points in specific areas and equipped with NFC tags. Guards must use NFC mobile devices at each patrol point to sense the tag. One can prove that the administrator has arrived at the patrol point in accordance with the prescribed time; secondly, to prevent the administrator fake patrol sign, or others on behalf of the card. < 1 2 >