Lanhua developed a new palladium catalyst

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China Drying Network News The Green Chemistry Research and Development Center of the Lanzhou Institute of Chemical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences successfully developed palladium for the elimination of carbon monoxide (CO) oxidation, the elimination of carbon monoxide-hydrogen (CO-H2) co-oxidation and the elimination of H2 selective oxidation under the CO conditions. / Iron Oxide (Pd/FeOx) Catalyst.

For the first time, this study realizes the co-oxidation of CO and H2 on Pd/FeOx catalysts under low temperature (0°C~20°C) or the catalytic oxidation of H2 under CO atmosphere. The catalytic performance of the catalyst in CO-catalyzed combustion can be comparable to that of conventional Au catalysts. This work breaks through the conventional CO Au catalyst system based on nano-Au, subverts the traditional understanding of the poor performance of nano-Pd in ​​this reaction system, and is a breakthrough in the field of CO and H2 co-oxidation.

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