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The laboratory based on colleges and universities is not only a frontier for national education and scientific research, but also the most powerful engine for upgrading and updating social productivity. Every year, China invests trillions of yuan in fixed-asset investment in the purchase of laboratory equipment. No matter it is an institution of higher learning or a research institute, the proportion of laboratory equipment in fixed assets far exceeds that of other facilities. "One Building But a set of equipment "does not have the slightest exaggeration." DF-1 type heat collecting magnetic stirrer

With regard to conventional instruments, domestic manufacturers still have certain strengths. According to the survey, 50% of the laboratory manufacturers in the country are concentrated in Shanghai, covering incubators, dryers, centrifuges, and many other products. The Shanghai market is China's laboratory equipment. The area where the manufacturers are most concentrated is also the most active area of ​​domestic laboratory equipment marketing. Among them, Shanghai Jiangxing Instrument Co., Ltd. oscillators, various stirrers, biochemical incubators, and other laboratory instruments used in the field of teaching are also widely used in colleges and universities throughout the country, with high quality, good reputation, and sound after-sales service. The market enjoys a certain reputation in the domestic market.

Shanghai Jiangxing Instrument Co., Ltd. manufactures and sells various high-tech equipment such as teaching, medical, epidemic prevention, analysis, and testing, including glass reactors, rotary evaporators, biochemical incubators, oscillators, various stirrers, and water and oil baths. Crushing, smashing, homogenizers, low-speed centrifuges, various glass instruments and other test equipment are leading products. The products sell well in scientific research institutions such as national large and medium-sized institutions, hospitals, chemical industry, epidemic prevention, environmental protection, etc. The company has been constantly improving the domestic and foreign advanced technologies and continuously researching and developing new products based on the spirit of continuous improvement.

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