· Jiangxi Nanchang will promote barrier-free buses in the future

On June 9, 2015, the reporter learned from the Nanchang Municipal Public Utilities Group in Jiangxi that the first batch of Braille stop signs had been installed. In addition, barrier-free buses will be promoted, and those who travel by wheelchair can also board the buses themselves.
The first batch of 3 Braille stations in Nanchang, Jiangxi Province, introduced the bus workers. In the four areas where the blind people traveled in the city, Jiangnan Nanchang Bus was piloting a Braille bus stop. At present, the first batch of Braille bus stations in Nanchang City has been installed in the Lizhou Community, the North Gate of the First Affiliated Hospital of Changda, and the intersection of the College.
The birth of a Braille stop sign has gone through the process of line planning and design, line content selection, translation of Braille school professionals, production and installation of specific enterprises. According to reports, the Braille stop sign is produced by a company in Guangzhou.
The staff said: "For a Braille stop sign, as long as one line has been adjusted, the stop sign needs to be sent back to Guangzhou for production and adjustment."
With the continuous promotion of Braille bus stops, blind citizens can find the bus routes they need to take by touching the clear Braille bus stop. There will be a voice report station when the bus enters the platform, and there will be voice prompts at the station to allow the blind to take the bus smoothly.
In the future, barrier-free buses will be promoted. “The existing bus stations in Nanchang City do not have the gentle slope design for wheelchairs.” Wang Xiaoping, director of the Nanchang Bus Transportation and Transportation Office, said that the next step will be to strengthen and plan the bus in Nanchang, Jiangxi. The design department and the construction city construction unit communicate and dock, make adjustments to the existing bus station, and fully consider the barrier-free access to the bus station.
Mr. Liu, who lives in Lizhou Community, said that his father traveled by wheelchair, the bus was high, there was no slope, and it was not convenient for wheelchairs to get on and off. “If Nanchang promotes barrier-free buses, then our travel will be more convenient. Some disabled people and elderly people who are inconvenient to travel will be more willing to go out and stroll.”
Mr. Liu’s imagination will also become a reality. Nanchang Bus will promote barrier-free buses. According to reports, when barrier-free buses enter the bus platform, when disabled people or people with reduced mobility need to get on and off the bus, the bus driver can use the program to extend the telescopic pedal and put it on the platform. The disabled person in a wheelchair Easy to get on and off the pedals.
In terms of design, barrier-free buses will have seats designed for people with disabilities. Passengers who use crutches can stand on their backs and can easily position passengers in wheelchairs.

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