Jiangsu Dana builds Asia's largest alcohol ether solvent base

Dana (Nanjing) Chemical Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Dana International Enterprises Co., Ltd., invested 150 million yuan to start a new 150,000 tons/year glycol ether and its acetate project recently.
The project utilizes the company's core technologies to give full play to the existing various resource advantages of Nanjing Chemical Industrial Park, and rely on the company's well-established public projects and complete supporting facilities, and plans to start production in October next year. After completion, Dana(Nanjing) Chemicals Co., Ltd. will have a total production capacity of 350,000 tons/year of glycol ether and its acetate, and the production technology will lead the world, plus Jiangsu Tianyin Chemical Co., Ltd.’s 450,000 tons/year. Annual production capacity will become the largest production base for alcohol ether solvents in Asia.
Dana International Enterprise Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in R&D and production of fine chemicals. Currently it is wholly-owned by Jiangsu Tianyin Chemical Co., Ltd., Dana (Nanjing) Chemical Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Tianyin Chemicals Shanghai Co., Ltd., Tianna Chemical Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. and Tianyin Chemical Trading (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. have 5 branches. The company mainly produces five major series of glycol ethers and acetate esters, double-alkyl end-capped polyethers, chemical fiber oils, green plasticizers, and organic/pharmaceutical intermediates.

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