Japan and Vietnam Join Hands to Set up Joint Research Center for Rare Earth Elements in Hanoi City

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China Drying Network News Japan and Vietnam have recently set up a joint research center for rare earth elements in Hanoi to improve the extraction and processing of these materials. Japanese companies are mining rare earth deposits in Kazakhstan, India, Australia and Vietnam. Japan has also launched many government-funded projects aimed at developing technologies to recover rare earth elements from used high-tech components and looking for other materials that can be used as alternatives.

It is understood that the center has been officially launched, equipped with 420 million yen in equipment. Although no research activities have yet begun, the center has begun testing its mineral roasters and mixer-settlers for their ability to extract rare earth elements from minerals. In this new research center, some Japanese researchers will collaborate with scientists from the Vietnam Institute of Radioactive and Rare Elements Technology.

Yoshiaki Igarashi, chief representative of the Japan Petroleum, Natural Gas and Metals Corporation’s office in Hanoi, said: “Because of the different mineral properties between mines, our goal is to establish the best way to produce high quality rare earth products. ."

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