JAC's full line of products landed at the 2010 Egypt Motor Show

JAC's passenger car and commercial vehicle's entire line of products landed on the 2010 Egypt Auto Show. This large lineup of commercial and commercial vehicles not only enabled JAC to successfully display its strong research and development capabilities and corporate image, but also established the banner of Chinese brands. And laid the foundation for JAC to further explore the Egyptian automobile market.

Although Jianghuai passenger vehicle has not entered the auto market in Egypt for a long time, it has achieved remarkable results. As a rookie in Egypt's auto market, as of March this year, JAC's ranking with the Egyptian market has ranked ninth. In the 1.5-1.6 displacement gold displacement vehicle that occupies most of the market capacity of the passenger car market in Egypt, JAC heavyweight models and Yuet are in the golden segment, and this debut of Heyue has become the JAC passenger car. The key battle to open up the Egyptian market.

The A0 model Yueyue is another new model launched by JAC Passenger Vehicle. The first day of the auto show attracted the attention of many young users and became the new focus of the mini vehicle market in Egypt. In addition, Other exhibitors such as Ruiying AMT also added a lot of color to JAC booths, attracting many Egyptian users to stop in front of the booth. Egypt market analysts analyzed that with the richness and perfection of the JAC passenger car lineage, JAC passenger car brands will occupy an important place in the passenger car market in Egypt.

The performance of JAC commercial vehicles in the Egyptian market is also worthy of attention. Jianghuai also launched a new pickup single-row model at the show. JAC Commercial Vehicles is now the leader of Chinese brands in the Egyptian automobile market and a leader in international brands. It is reported that the demand for single-row pickup trucks in the Egyptian market is far greater than that for double-row pickup trucks. The Jianghuai pickup truck has strong power and high performance-to-price ratio and is promising in the Egyptian market. In addition, the appearance of commercial vehicle products such as heavy truck tractors, dump trucks, light truck dump trucks, and trucks at the auto show demonstrated Jianghuai's outstanding quality and strong brand strength.

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