It doesn't matter if the sprinkler is wet. It is whether the sprayed water is clean.

Sprinklers mainly spray water to cool down dust and clean the road. The fresh environment is certainly loved by everyone. However, for electric bikes or walking pedestrians, they feel a bit tired and do not like it. The key is not knowing what kind of water is sprayed by the sprinkler. clean.

被洒水车湿身没关系 有关系的是喷洒的水质是否干净

The public was wetted by sprinklers

Citizen Li said that he had been sprayed with water from behind by a sprinkler that was working when he passed the north gate of the comprehensive building at Shengli Road in the city.

At the time, he was riding an electric car on the road. Hearing the sound behind him, he looked back and found that a sprinkler was slowly coming in the direction of his own. He immediately stopped the car and tried to make it to the side of the road. He wanted to wait for the sprinkler to go before. Unexpectedly, when the sprinkler passes near him, the spouting water splashes off all his shoes and trousers due to the pressure of the water flow. “The scope of sprinkler coverage for that car covers the entire road. Where should you go?” Mr. Lee was helpless.

Mr. Li said that while sprinkler trucks regularly sprinkle water is a good thing, help road washing, pressure dust, but its operating time should be more humane. In addition, what kind of water is sprayed on the sprinkler? Is it clean? This makes Mr. Li full of doubts.

Sprinklers taken from domestic water

According to the person in charge of Gao Xing, the relevant department of the Environment and Sanitation Bureau, in order to achieve the goal of suppressing dust, and vigorously promote air pollution prevention and control, the sanitation department's sprinkler trucks are more than ever busy. The water sprayed by the sprinkler is the city's domestic water used, and the water quality is the clean water that has passed the environmental protection department's inspection. A total of 12 fire hydrant water intake points are located in the urban areas of the city, and the Hualong District Sanitation Bureau's operating vehicles collect water from the fire hydrant at designated sections every day. Different sizes of vehicles, different water capacity, some 10 tons, some water will be greater. After the vehicle is filled with water, each vehicle will be cleaned on the responsible road section. At present, the Hualong District Environmental Sanitation Administration area is mainly responsible for the rinsing of 39 major arterial roads.

In addition, the responsible person stated that backstreet alleyways cannot be cleaned temporarily because private cars are parked on both sides of the road, and the road itself is relatively narrow, and large-scale sanitation cleaning vehicles cannot enter into operation. In the next step, the office will actively introduce small-scale cleaning vehicles for pavement cleaning operations in back streets and alleys. At present, the Bureau has modified the existing sanitation vehicles to allow the converted small sanitation vehicles to clean narrow roads.

Seeing here also understands that the water sprayed by the sprinkler is clean and safe, but even so, everyone does not want to be sprayed, so it is necessary for the sprinkler to avoid normal operation during the peak period.

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