Introduction to RG4870 Multifunctional Sound and Light Alarm

The RG4870 multifunctional sound and light alarm is a high-quality product developed by Wenzhou Runguang Lighting Co., Ltd. for many years, and it has always been favored by market users; the following Runguang Lighting will give you a detailed introduction to this product, and see below:
Applicable places:
●Suitable for dispatching of railway vehicles such as metallurgy, electric power, oil field, petrochemical, etc., for light and sound alarm.
●Suitable for traffic and transportation industry, various emergency rescue and construction sites as signal instructions and safety warnings.
Structural features:
●Using new red LED as the light source, with high brightness and strong signal, the visible distance is above 4800 meters, and the penetration ability of dense smoke and fog can reach 300-500 meters.
●The alarm sound intensity is above 110dB, and the penetration ability is strong.
●Sound, sound and light, strobe, multiple working modes, programmable IC control circuit, working mode can be changed at will.
●Using high-energy non-memory battery, good charge and discharge performance, high capacity, can work continuously for more than 25 hours after a full charge.
●Humanized power display design, which can check the battery power in time. How to use: Press and hold the power button for 3 to 5 seconds in the closed state,
●There is a strong magnetic base at the bottom of the lamp, which can be directly adsorbed on the surface of the iron plate, which is convenient to use.
Quality Assurance:
Thank you for purchasing our company’s products. Our company has passed ISO9001-2008 quality system certification. The products are strictly controlled in accordance with ISO9001 standards. The products are guaranteed for 3 years. Any failures in the normal use of the products will be repaired by our company for free (materials free And repair costs)

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