Interpretation of Lanfeng G - type Sludge Pump Working Principle

Lanfeng G-type sludge pump works Shanghai Lanfeng G-type single-screw pump rubber bucket made of a variety of flexible materials made, so this G-type single-screw pump can deliver viscosity of 80% of fluid delivery and containing hard suspended particles or medium containing fiber transport, There are general characteristics of pump species can not be competent. Its flow and speed is proportional to the G-type single screw pump compact structure, small size, easy maintenance. Adaptability to the medium, smooth flow, small pressure pulsation, high self-priming capacity. Single-screw pump is a kind of internal rotary reciprocating positive displacement pump, when the single-wire helical rotor in the double-helical stator hole around the stator axis for planetary rotation, the closed rotor-stator confined cavity formed between the continuous, uniform , The same volume of medium from the suction side to the extrusion end. Due to these characteristics, single-screw pumps are particularly suitable for the following conditions: - High viscosity medium delivery. The medium viscosity varies from 20000 MPa.s to 200000 MPa.s depending on the size of the pump. - Medium containing solid particles or fibers. Particle size up to 16mm (no more than rotor eccentricity), the fiber length up to 100mm (equivalent to 0.4 times the rotor pitch), the solid content of up to 40%, when the medium contained in the solid powder fine particles , Up to 60% or higher. - Requires continuous delivery, stable pressure, no periodic pressure fluctuations in the reciprocating pump. - It requires small conveying agitation without destroying the inherent structure of the conveyed medium and low noise. 【Print】 【Close】