Internet of Things RFID Intelligent Parking Management Solution

Traffic-related problems such as traffic jams, parking difficulties, random parking, accident disputes, vehicle safety, and environmental pollution are increasingly serious. Special traffic “difficult parking” has increasingly become a “bottleneck” that restricts the economic and social development of cities, in some developed cities. One of the parking spaces in the downtown area is difficult to find. In the face of the ever-increasing number of vehicles and the lack of road capacity and parking resources, relevant parties have also actively solved the road traffic management problems, how to improve the current status of traffic and solve parking difficulties. The problem has been highly valued by the municipal government and relevant leaders and people's great concern. In view of this, it is necessary to carry out unified planning, optimization, and management of the city's roads, traffic, and parking. Fully tapping urban parking resources, in particular scientifically and rationally expanding roadside occupied parking resources, and efficiently using parking resources through an economic lever for reasonable parking fees for roadside parking, providing efficient, convenient and orderly transportation and parking for the city. The service, thereby improving the city's traffic jams and parking difficulties.
Project Overview
The parking lot management system is a set of access to parking lots for vehicles, using computer technology, RFID technology, wireless transmission technology, image digital processing technology, automatic control and other technologies through computer, network equipment, vehicle sensing transmission equipment, customer terminal equipment, etc. An integrated management platform for on-site traffic guidance, parking status information release, and collecting parking fees. It provides dynamic information publishing to vehicle management departments and vehicle owners through intersections, screens, WEBs, and mobile phone clients, facilitating management personnel in scheduling. Reducing the labor intensity of managers, using charge management software, effectively supervising parking fees, eliminating the phenomenon of private stoppage fees and arrears, and effectively preventing fee-based loopholes; at the same time, the system can achieve real-time data acquisition and docking with data. Relevant traffic and regulations reminded people of convenience services and networked alarms.
working principle
The program uses geomagnetic principles to detect vehicles. In the absence of a motor vehicle, the Earth’s magnetic field is relatively stable. When the motor vehicle stops above the geomagnetic field, it causes a change in the earth's magnetic field. The wireless geomagnetic parking space detector analyzes the amount of change in the earth's magnetic field through a built-in algorithm, and finally determines whether the parking space has stopped the motor vehicle. The wireless geomagnetic parking space detector adopts a full-buried method. Each parking space is installed with 1 or 2 vehicles (depending on the specific parking space conditions) and is powered by its own battery. Professional low-power technology ensures that the geomagnetic service life is more than 5 years.
Parking map
Internet of Things RFID Intelligent Parking Management Solution
System topology
Internet of Things RFID Intelligent Parking Management Solution
System flow
Vehicle Entry Management
When the vehicle enters the parking space, the wireless geomagnetic parking space detector detects the presence of the vehicle, and transmits the information to the management background through the roadside signal receiver. The system records the time of the entering vehicle and transmits the information to the toll collector's handheld terminal (PDA, POSE machine). , mobile phones, etc.) At the same time, the mobile phone reserved by the owner sends a message concerning the parking service charge standard and other related information. The toll collector can enter the vehicle license plate number through the handheld terminal to do relevant business operations. If the site has a camera, it can be linked with the detector to capture the vehicle picture.
Through comparison of data and images, if the vehicle is found to have unrecovered records, it indicates whether the vehicle has arrears records to pay; if it needs to pay, the toll collectors need to do another entry operation after recovering the expenses; If there is no arrears record, an entry ticket (with a bar code) can be printed and delivered to the owner. The owner can leave and the toll collector can continue the following operations: Take a short shot and a long shot of the vehicle and upload the admission data to the server. The process ends;
If the system is enabled with the *system networking function, after entering the parking, illegal information inquiry, notification, processing, tracking.
Vehicle departure management
The toll picker selects the vehicle parking space number to be used on the handy terminal entrance and exit interface, enters the departure interface, displays the parked parking space and parking fees of the vehicle, and alarms with the ** system and displays the query result, after confirming with the owner, The owner pays, the tollee points to “departure”, prints the “vehicle bill” to the owner, the vehicle “departs”, the wireless geomagnetic parking sensor senses no vehicle, records the vehicle's departure time, and compares with the entry time. As the criterion for judging the receipt and disbursement expenses by the operating department, the final statistical expense is compared with the actual income and expenses, which can be used as the evaluation basis for the fee-collecting personnel. If the amount varies greatly, the fee-collecting personnel may be punished accordingly.
The departure process ends.
System Features
☆ High precision: Earth's magnetic field is basically constant within a few kilometers, but large ferromagnetic objects can cause great disturbances to the Earth's magnetic field, and geomagnetic sensors can distinguish changes of 6,000 times of the Earth's magnetic field, and when the vehicle The influence of geomagnetism on passing will reach a fraction of the geomagnetic intensity, so the use of geomagnetic sensors to detect the vehicle has extremely high sensitivity.
☆ Easy installation and maintenance, no excavation work required, little damage to the road surface. If the detector is damaged, it only needs to be replaced as a whole without checking the circuit.
☆ The geomagnetic sensor uses the change of the earth's magnetic field when passing through a ferromagnetic object, so it is not affected by the climate.
☆ Two-way high-speed data exchange between the detector and receiver can be realized without worrying about the simultaneous data exchange problem between each detector and receiver.
☆ high reliability, working temperature -40 °C ~ 85 °C, waterproof, anti-impact.
☆ High anti-interference: There are no special requirements for various interference sources on the site, and the installation is simple and convenient.
☆ Globally open ISM microwave band, without application and payment.
☆ Ultra-low power consumption: Safer and healthier to the human body.
☆ long service life, up to 5 years.
☆ The investment cost is low, and once the system is applied, it can greatly reduce the number of parking lot managers and reduce the cost of parking operations.

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