Innovative large-scale backup roller repair technology of Sinosteel Xingji

At the beginning of the “Tenth Five-Year Plan” of China Steel News Network, the roll surfacing technology was only used for the repair of small rolls. Nowadays, the large-scale cold and hot strip mill support roll surfacing repair of the independent innovation of the rolling repair company of China Steel Group Xingtai Machinery Roll Co., Ltd. Technology, the weight of roll repair has been increased to more than 40 tons, and 18 roll repair technology with independent intellectual property rights and two patented technologies have been formed. The "large-scale backup roll surfacing repair development project" won the third class of China Metallurgical Science and Technology. prize.

As a key spare part of the rolling mill, the roll consumes a lot in the rolling process, and the surfacing technology is an important manufacturing and maintenance tool in the mechanical manufacturing industry. When the roll is used to the scrapping limit, the roll after the surfacing repair has the advantages of low cost, long service life and good use effect, and has obvious effects on promoting the circular economy. However, in the early days of the Tenth Five-Year Plan, most of this technology was concentrated on the repair of hot-rolled mill rolls of 40 tons or less. Due to the relatively simple repair process and tooling equipment, the market entry threshold was low and the competition was fierce.

In recent years, Xingji Company's engineering complete sets of companies have been transformed into high-tech R&D and production of roll surfacing repair. The company's system integrates the overall equipment technology, product development advantages, and began research and development and production of related technologies.

They have high repairing technology for large-scale support rolls of 40 tons or more, strict process control requirements, and high market risk. There are few enterprises at home and abroad, and a series of problems related to lack of relevant materials, focusing on scientific research advantages and technical personnel, through the welding of layers. Systematic research on microstructure, alloying mechanism and forming conditions, on the basis of traditional welding consumables, innovatively increased the special refinement of grain elements, effectively solving the contradiction between high hardness and crack resistance. . The products are rolled on the machine, and the technical indicators and physical quality have reached the advanced level of similar foreign products. The company took the opportunity of successfully repairing the large supporting rolls of Qinban, further innovating and improving, and gradually expanded the field of roll repair to various four-roller, six-roll cold-rolling mills, hot-rolling mills and plate mills, successively Baosteel and Tantalum. Steel, Shougang, Taigang and other repair support rolls on the hundred, creating good economic benefits for these enterprises.

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