Inner Mongolia: Soybean Professional Group of the Ministry of Agriculture holds training on mechanization of soybeans

[ China Agricultural Machinery Industry News ] In order to thoroughly implement the spirit of the Ministry of Agriculture's entire mechanization and promote the action, and give full play to the support of the expert guidance group policy consultation, training guidance, etc., from August 13 to 15, the Ministry of Agriculture soybean professional group and Inner Mongolia agriculture and animal husbandry The Academy of Sciences jointly held a comprehensive mechanized green production technology training and on-site observation meeting in the Arong Banner of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. The convening of the conference played an important role in further exploring the mechanized production mode of soybean green high-yield in the northeastern producing areas of China and accelerating the advanced and applicable soybean production machinery technology.
Figure 1 Agricultural machinery agronomic integration soybean full mechanized green production technology observation meeting site
The meeting pointed out that with the great attention and strong support of the local government, under the concerted and careful guidance of the agricultural machinery and agronomy department, the mechanization technology of soybean production has been widely promoted, forming a unique mechanized production mode and promoting crop varieties. The integration of cultivation technology and mechanical equipment has promoted the development of the soybean industry and the increase of farmers' income.
The meeting arranged for the delegates to observe the three-row planting demonstration area and the new variety test area of ​​the soybean ridge and high ridge in the new township of Arong Banner. The soybean expert group listened to the report of the technicians on the three rows of soybean ridges and checked the crops. The growth trend predicts the effect of increasing production, fully affirming Arongqi's efforts to promote the integration of agricultural machinery and agronomy, ensure that technology is in place, management is in place, and continuously improve soybean yield and quality. In the National Soybean Industrial Technology System Arongqi Demonstration Base, the expert group also observed the soybean planting equipment and the grain and bean rotation “one main and multiple auxiliary” demonstration area to understand the corn and soybean rotation and related equipment use, and in the modern agricultural technology of Arongqi. The park put forward opinions and suggestions on the key technology research and demonstration project implementation of farmland rotation fallow.
Figure 2 Agricultural machinery agronomic integration soybean full mechanized green production technology training meeting site
In response to the current situation of soybean production in the northeastern producing areas and the bottleneck of mechanization of weak links, the meeting arranged for the experts of the soybean professional group to teach the students. Among them, Li Xianyi, head of the soybean professional group of the Ministry of Agriculture and deputy director of the Agricultural Machinery Bureau of Heilongjiang Province, explained the “new technology of soybean planting in Heilongjiang Province and the demand for mechanization”. Han Tianfu, a researcher at the Institute of Crop Sciences of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences and a national soybean industrial technology system expert, introduced “The trend of technological progress in soybean industry at home and abroad”, Lu Zhanyuan, vice president of Inner Mongolia Academy of Agriculture and Animal Husbandry, elaborated on “accelerating the integration of agricultural machinery and agronomy and promoting the development of modern agriculture”. The delegates generally reflected the expert's teaching content grounding gas, high practical value, and further recognized that to accelerate the development of the soybean industry, it is necessary to select high-yield varieties, implement corn-soybean rotation, balanced fertilization, rational mechanical close planting, etc., and the importance of agricultural agronomy integration. And have a deeper understanding of the necessity.
Zhang Yuan, deputy director of the Agricultural Machinery Promotion Station of the Ministry of Agriculture, and Qi Tianmeng, secretary of the Arong Banner, attended the meeting and delivered a speech. The meeting received the attention and support from the Agricultural Machinery Promotion Station of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region and the Arong Banner Government and the Qiren University. It was mainly from key cities such as Hulunbeier, Qiong Agricultural Machinery Bureau and Extension Station, as well as the main person in charge of the townships and towns of Arongqi and the technical staff of the Agricultural Service Center, and the Arong Banner soybean planting specialty. More than 400 representatives from cooperatives and agricultural machinery professional cooperatives and representatives of Arongqi Technology demonstration households attended the meeting.

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