Industrial upgrading brings opportunities for domestic instrument industry

In recent years, China's electronic measuring instrument industry has developed rapidly. It has made breakthroughs in a number of major scientific and technological fields. The reliability and stability of the instrument have greatly improved. In recent years, China's indigenous instruments have made considerable progress, especially in the research and development of general-purpose electronic measurement equipment and automotive electronic equipment. The gap with foreign advanced products is rapidly narrowing. The development of modularization and virtual technology has brought new opportunities for the development of China's test and measurement instrument industry. With increasing attention from the state and governments at all levels, it has provided unprecedented opportunities and opportunities for the electronic measurement instrument industry.

At present, the domestic electronic instrument industry has formed a number of key enterprises in the development and production of electronic instruments. It has researched and developed a number of products with independent intellectual property rights and reaching internationally advanced levels. There are more than 500 electronic instrument companies above our national scale, including more than 130 electronic measurement instrument manufacturers and dozens of key electronic measurement instrument companies, aiming at the current “time domain”, “frequency domain” and “number domain”. In the five domains of "impedance domain" and "modulation domain" electronic measurement instruments, China has developed corresponding products, among which dozens of varieties of products have reached the advanced level of similar products of the world, and applied to urgently needed national defense, scientific research, production, etc. In various fields, the output and sales volume of electronic measuring instruments was nearly 9 million units, and the growth rate was about 14%. The production value and sales volume were all around 10 billion yuan.

Although the domestic electronic equipment industry and enterprises have developed a number of varieties and a certain number of products and reached similar international advanced level products, compared with the international level, in the product structure, in the high-end product technology level, the market share (about About 10% still have a big gap, which needs to be perfected by domestic companies.

In fact, the market opportunity for the domestic test instrument industry has already come. The market has long been open. The key is that our domestic test equipment companies must seize the opportunity to enter the market and provide high-quality, high-quality products. At present, the opportunities facing China's electronic instrument industry are:

1. The greatest opportunity is the overall upgrading of our industry. Dozens of information industries, including ICs, must undergo comprehensive technology upgrades and industrial upgrading. Other industries outside the information industry must also comprehensively upgrade their technologies and upgrade their industries; policy guidelines such as home appliances going to the countryside and the electronic information industry revitalization plan will also further expand the market. demand.

2. Energy saving, consumption reduction and emission reduction provide a new and broad market for electronic instruments. Electronic instruments have dual functions. First, they provide testing and testing instruments for energy saving, consumption reduction, and emission reduction. Second, they can provide energy-saving, energy-saving, and emission-reduction electronic instrument applications.

3. The transformation from the manufacturing industry to the service industry as the mainstay and the integration of the 3C technology in the market for home appliances has provided a new and broad market for electronic instruments. In order to promote the development of the electronic instrument industry with weak economic strength, it is recommended that for those enterprises with independent development capabilities, independent intellectual property rights, and products with international advanced level, the relevant departments should recognize it as a “high-tech enterprise of electronic instruments”, and the relevant state policies Give support.

Focus on five major technology trends

From the perspective of technology and market, the development trend of electronic devices in the future is a variety of high-tech integrated services to serve all industries and national economic markets in all directions. Specific attention should be paid to the following aspects:

First, the popularity of digital electronic measuring instruments must be increased. The digital era has come. The digital era is the latest symbol of social life and economic modernization. It is related to the level of a country’s core competitiveness in the field of science and technology. If it is not given enough attention, electronic measuring instruments will lose their leading position in technology and will also Lose the market.

Second, bus technology must track international development levels. VXI, PXI, LXI, USB interface, and bus technology have developed to a very high level in the field of electronic measurement instruments. Currently, there are three trends that are driving the development of the test and measurement industry: First, system-ready hardware, that is, a modular product, can quickly build a system. Second, there must be standards-based, PC-compatible input and output interfaces, as well as input and output drivers that can be either LAN-based or Internet-based. Finally, to have a flexible software solution, regardless of whether the customer needs Excel interface or text interface, can give customers a flexible choice. The emergence of the international electronic measuring instrument LXI (LANeXtensionforInstrument) alliance is to cater to this change. Foreign companies have already developed LXI bus electronic measuring instruments. Some domestic universities have started research. Domestic electronic measuring instruments companies have not yet started. If they start too late, they will once again widen the gap between China's electronic measuring instruments and the level of international technology. Therefore, China's electronic measurement instrument companies should start the application of LXI bus technology in electronic measurement instruments as soon as possible.

Third, software technology must be put on the agenda as soon as possible. Electronic measuring instrument "software" is the core technology of electronic measuring instrument intelligence, and "software correction measurement error" is currently an economical and most effective way to correct measurement errors; moreover, especially software-defined radio measuring instruments are obtained abroad. Special attention and development. Since the wireless receiving system has changed from a superheterodyne frequency conversion structure to a zero-IF structure without a heterodyne frequency conversion, the radio transmitting and receiving system is simplified as a digital frequency converter, a baseband amplifier, a baseband filter, a digital-to-analog converter, an analog-to-digital converter, and digital Digital components such as signal processors enable software-defined radio (SDR) measurement instruments to be implemented. The concise definition of SDR is a wireless communication system measurement instrument that uses software to modulate and demodulate radio signals. Obviously, SDR uses a common hardware subsystem and can quickly and easily form transmission and reception systems and measurement instruments for different communication standards based on software-defined wireless communication standards. In short, electronic measuring instruments do not have software technology, just as our electronic measuring instruments are still in the “cold weapons” era. However, software technology is still far from being fully reflected in our electronic measuring instruments. This does not solve the problem. Our electronic measuring instruments will never be modern electronic measuring instruments.

Fourth, the modular technology must step up to keep up. This is the direction of the development of international electronic measuring instruments. In fact, modular technology, bus technology (interface technology) and software technology are three-in-one. We must organically combine the three to form a competitive electronic measurement instrument product as soon as possible.

Fifth, synthetic instruments must be implemented as soon as possible. Synthetic instruments use interchangeable standard modules, standard circuits, and standard interfaces to implement building blocks from unit circuits to systems. As the U.S. Department of Defense is the world's largest buyer of electronic measuring instruments, synthetic instruments will push the U.S., Europe, and Japan to invest more human and material resources, develop devices, modules, and subsystems into a complete automated measurement system and become technological innovations in electronic measuring instruments. New motivation.

China's electronic equipment companies should have a big development, otherwise it is difficult to meet the huge demand of the domestic market. Therefore, domestic equipment companies should pay close attention to the international market, understand the latest technology trends, continue to introduce new products and enhance their competitiveness.

Long Radius Elbow

Long radius elbow refers to that the radius of curvature is 1.5 times of the elbow pipe diameter; if greater than 1.5 times, that is bend. long radius elbow is the most common, usually the default is long radius, high pressure or high velocity areas will use long radius, if it is solid conveying bend pipe big resistance,will use a larger radius. If there are no conditions or did not indicate in the contract, the preferred is long radius elbows.

Product Name:Long Radius Elbow
Materials: A234 WBP-WP1-WP12-WP11, A403 WP 304-304L-316-316L, A402 WPL3-WPL 6,A860 WPHY 42-46-52-60-65-70,PG370,C20
Thickness: 2mm-100mm
Crafts: Butt, Push System, Simmer
Connection: Welding
Package: Wooden boxes,Wooden pallets,According to customer requirements.
Brand Name: HY
Place of Origin: China (Mainland)
Certification: ISO.UKS.SGS.BV
Application: Chemical, Water, Oil and gas, Electricity
Long Radius Elbow

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