In the tree high-end heavy truck benchmarks Jieshi C100 Nanchang fired the first shot

Nanchang, the place where the Chinese revolutionary holy land and the flag rises. SAIC Iveco Hongyan (hereinafter referred to as Hongyan) launched a national promotion campaign named “Zhongxing 2010” Jieshi C100 comfort in this revolutionary holy land. The reporter believes that this is the process of Hongyan’s promotion of its lion’s products. The new starting point.

Gathering Market Information to Make Products Market Competitive

At the launch ceremony, Yu Qionggen, Executive Director of Marketing at SAIC Iveco Hongyan Commercial Vehicle Co., Ltd., gave a detailed introduction of the Jieshi C100 comfort type pushed by Hongyan. From the general introduction, it is not difficult to find that the Jieshi C100 Comfort is the main product promoted by Hongyan as the major off-season commercial vehicle market. Such targeted promotion of this product at this time is due to the very accurate market positioning of the Jieshi C100 comfort model introduced by Hongyan. This accurate market positioning came from March 12, 2009. In the year before the launch of the National Promotion Campaign, Hongyan extensively collected market information through its dealers and media and other information channels, thereby introducing competitive products that meet the needs of the market and meet customer needs.

Pricing meets product market positioning Improve product layout

This time, Hongyan announced the price of the Jay C100 comfort model in its promotion activities. Take the 340-horsepower 6×4 tractor as an example. The price of red rock is 292,700. It should be said that this is the general price of domestic high-end heavy trucks, which is relatively red. In the middle of this year, Yanzhou promoted the S100 flagship model (about 350,000) and the Jieshi E100 luxury model (about 330,000). The Jieshi C100 Comfort model is a typical mid-to-high end heavy truck product introduced by Hongyan. Prior to this, in addition to the mid-to-high-end Jieshi S100 and E100, Hongyan’s more products were mining vehicles or special vehicles, such as the “King Kong”, “Steyr Overlord” and “Specialty Pa” series. The series is low-end products. Therefore, there are product gaps in terms of road vehicles with Yiyin below 300,000 yuan. The full promotion of the Jieshi C100 comfort type can be said to be an important step for Yiyin to improve its product layout.

Build component center to reflect value-added services

Hongyan also announced the important activities of its after-sales service at the “Zhongxing 2010” Jieshi C100 comfort nationwide promotion event. Build and distribute spare parts sales centers in all major regions of the country and establish service teams.

The key to the after-sales service of the automobile is fast. The commercial vehicle as a production tool pays more attention to this point. Every time the outage repair is lost to the owner of the operating profit, so the construction of Hongyan’s launch is distributed across major regions of the country. The spare parts sales center and the formation of the service team are to increase efficiency and speed up the response in their after-sales service. This dealer, repair station, the most important thing for the owner can be said to be an exciting news. Moreover, the 250,000-kilometer long super warranty period of Yiyihong is also a major highlight of the value-added of its products. Even during the second-hand car transaction process, the price of Jieshi is relatively high, so from the perspective of buyers, This also lays a good foundation for the replacement of new cars in the future.

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