Implementing Talent Strategy to Strengthen Xichai's Nesting and Introducing Phoenix

In 2009, FAW Xichai achieved sales of more than 360,000 units, sales revenue increased to 9.5 billion yuan, and profit was 400 million yuan, making it the fastest growing company in the industry. Behind the brilliant performance is the “manpower-intensive enterprise” strategy that promotes the development of the enterprise.

With only 3,100 employees, the “selection, education, use, and stay” talent mechanism is an important measure for improving the overall competitive strength of the company. Xichai's “selected talents” have “green channels”, and 8 PhDs, masters, and bachelors from related majors such as “211” key universities are selected to ensure the quality of students. “Yucai” has an “incubator base for talents”. After the new employee enters the factory, he will receive a series of professional training for nearly half a year for half a year. He will adopt the “three-in-one” model of induction training, production practice, and professional internship to rapidly improve the ability for postgraduates to work and hatch. Post force. In the aspect of “use of talent”, with the purpose of “living out the splendor of life”, through the promotion of tiered line management, career management, and key performance management, a dynamic employment mechanism was established to accelerate the development of key core teams. "Retaining Talents" adopts a combination of incentives to ensure that talented people live a cool life. While guaranteeing the competitive advantage of talented employees, the Group has established a comprehensive insurance and welfare network covering employee life, old age, sickness, death, clothing, food, housing, and transportation to relieve employees of their worries.

In recent years, Xichai has introduced more than 300 undergraduate and technical talents, 60 master's and doctoral students, and 18 provincial, municipal and group experts. The brain drain rate is always controlled below 2%. These talents have become the backbone of the leap-forward development of enterprises.

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