I2C and SPI Education System is Arduino Shield Based on Web

Developers, enthusiasts and manufacturers wishing to learn more about the components of I2C and SPI communication may be interested in a brand new teaching solution created by Daniel Hienzsch in the form of I2C and SPI education system Arduino shields. The I2C and SPI Education System is an Arduino shield that has been combined with Web-based system tutorials to help users learn more about how to talk to I2C and SPI components.
The system features an educational shield: an Arduino Uno shield with a variety of sensors and components that use I2C and SPI serial communications to enable you to access and interact. Education Web site: A wide range of tutorials will guide you step by step through the intricate work with these devices, providing a theoretical background. Display Attach: A multi-function monitor lets you play skills that you learn by giving you visual and auditory feedback. Education Website Forum: A forum for educational websites where you can learn the same materials as other people. You are a forum for interactive links. The community as a whole can drive the direction of course content.

Functional features:
1. This device can complete winding of rectangular,circular and long circular coils.
2. It has features such as wire laying, stepless variable speed, width adjustment,automatic cabling and stable wire laying and starting.
3. The independent cabling system can be applicable to round and flat wire respectively with the cabling speed keeping up with the Winding Machine or adjusted separately(due to the change on the wire diameter). The adjustment can be done when the winding machine works(unnecessary to stop the winding machine).
4. The forward and backward rotation of the main shaft can be achieved respectively via the foot switch and the control box. The touch screen displays the number of winding turns and has functions such as forward and backward countering and power-off memory.
5. Frequent transformers, PLC and touch screen used in the winding machine are of domestic famous brands with reliable quality.
1. All operation handles and hand wheels of the winding machine can be operated flexibly without blockage or seizure.
2. The transmission of the whole machine is stable and the wire arrangement is orderly with high precision and low noise.
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