I independently research and develop a number of automotive electronic control devices to reach the international advanced level

On the morning of September 28th, Shandong Provincial Department of Science and Technology organized experts to carry out acceptance and technical appraisal of the project “Development and Industrialization of Automotive Body Networks and Related ECU System Electronic Products”. The project was carried out by the Institute of Automation of the Shandong Academy of Sciences. The development of a variety of automotive body electronic control devices has reached the international advanced level of similar products, and has been set for the introduction of foreign models and supporting domestic vehicles for self-developed automotive electronic products in China. A good foundation is of great significance to the development of independent automotive electronics industry in China.

As a major project for the transformation of independent innovation achievements in Shandong Province, the development of the project based on the CAN bus technology burglar alarm is China's first bus technology-based automotive electronics products into the joint venture car manufacturers, is also the first time in China developed in full accordance with international standards Automotive electronics products have been industrialized. The car-based audio entertainment and hands-free system (USB-box) in the project is the latest car entertainment system product developed synchronously with foreign countries. In addition, the Institute of Automation of the Shandong Academy of Sciences also cooperated with Jinan Geely Automobile Co., Ltd. and jointly developed the Body Control Module (BCM).

In recent years, China’s auto output has grown at a rapid rate, but it is mainly about “assembling” foreign brand cars. Automotive electronic products are an important part of automobiles. As the core technologies of automotive electronics are monopolized by multinational corporations, auto electronic products with high technological content and high added value are mostly provided by foreign original supporting manufacturers. Auto electronic products developed independently by domestic manufacturers are very popular. Difficult to enter its supporting system. The auto body network and related ECU system electronic products independently developed by the Institute of Automation of the Shandong Academy of Sciences will change this situation. More and more foreign brands will install electronic products that China produces independently.

According to reports, the Institute of Automation of Shandong Academy of Sciences has long devoted itself to the research, development and application of automotive electronics technology and products. It has brought together a large number of professional experts with solid professional knowledge and experience and has the most advanced automotive electronic product development and testing equipment in the world. . The director of the Institute said that they will continue to carry out independent innovation in automotive electronics, to make efforts to solve the hollowing out of China's automotive electronics industry and further enhance the transformation of supporting capabilities.

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