Hunan Xingsha Machine Tool Building and Processing Workshop Project

Project of Comprehensive Building and Processing Workshop of Hunan Xingsha Machine Equipment Co., Ltd. (2011-2013, 70 million)
Project Name: Hunan Xingsha Machine Equipment Co., Ltd. Complex Building and Processing Plant Project Area: Ningxiang County, Hunan Province Progress: Project Approval Verification Construction Period: 2011-2013 Major Equipment: Tower Crane, Excavator, Valve Components, Paints, building materials, exterior wall decoration materials, door and window glass, sanitary ware, elevators, steel structures, low-voltage electrical appliances, construction electrical appliances, sanitary ware, and ceramic products.
Project Description:
The project is located in Enhe Pioneering Park, Jinzhou New District, Ningxiang County. It has a comprehensive building and machining workshop with a total area of ​​15,717.83m2 and a total construction area of ​​1,3644.9m2. The construction includes production workshops, canteens, offices, shift dormitories and others. Auxiliary facilities and so on.

Construction Unit: Hunan Xingsha Machine Tool Equipment Co., Ltd. Postal address: No. 18, North Australia Road, Jinzhou New District, Ningxiang Postcode: 410600
Contact: Mr. Xiao Tel

Design Unit: China International Engineering Design & Research Institute Co., Ltd. Postal address: No. 18 Minshan Road, Changsha County Postcode: 410100
Contact: Telephone

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