How to Get Out of the "Vicious Circle" of Chinese Printing Industry

I saw that trees are missing the problems of the forest printing industry. It has plagued generations of Chinese printers. It has low efficiency, backward equipment, lack of talent, serious pollution, and vicious competition...

In the face of these problems, many people only think of "headaches, feet and feet." When you encounter a problem, you permeate the problem and you cannot see the intrinsic link of the entire printing industry. It is just like a hole in the dam to make up a hole, but did not see the problem of the entire dam.

In fact, there is an inherently vicious circle of these problems in printing.

The strange circle of "strange"

Although printing has been developed in China for thousands of years, the printing industry in China is far behind the developed countries in Europe and America. In China, there are only a few sophisticated printing technologies. Most printing companies are concentrated in China. Low-end product production and processing. So people found that Chinese printers fell into a print "criticism":

Printing equipment technology has caused serious environmental pollution on the one hand, and on the other hand it has caused a gap in the high-end market. However, overcapacity has appeared in the low-end market. The overcapacity in the low-end and middle-end markets has caused the same industry to enter into a vicious competition. All businesses have tried their best to reduce costs, pull customers and run sales.

One can imagine that when a company only knows to bury its head in doing these tasks, the profits it generates must be limited. Enterprises will receive limited profits. The nature that comes to mind will not be the "high cost" of opening up new processes and high prices. Quality or environmental protection measures. What is the general low income + non-technical content + harmful health production environment? How to attract high-level talent? The lack of talent not only fails to improve work efficiency, but also talks about the development of new equipment and new materials.

Therefore, the vicious cycle of the printing industry has plagued China's printers from time to time.

The difficulty in breaking the odd circle of the chain lies in its interlocking, and the natural way to break the circle is to break its chain.

Combining the call made by the Chinese government to build an energy-saving and environment-friendly society, we can fully comply with the requirements of the times and strike hard to break the vicious circle!

From the point of view of large companies, technology research and development are indispensable. Big companies often sell products that are not high-tech but are highly technical in one area. Enterprises from the perspective of long-term interests and social responsibility, investment in environmental protection technology, product development can be regarded as a "cost-effective" measures.

The large enterprises that have pioneered the development of environmental protection technologies and products have won first chance. Small and medium-sized enterprises that have taken the lead in introducing these technologies and products are naturally the beneficiaries of the market, and are free from the vicious competition of low-end and mid-range products that rely solely on prices to win the market. Environmental protection products and technologies are the main ones. Perhaps the current investment is large, but the long-term benefits are considerable.

With good market opportunities and creating considerable benefits, it is natural for the introduction and cultivation of talents. The introduction of high-tech talents will in turn stimulate the development of new technologies and new equipment and the establishment of advanced management concepts. Environmentally friendly product technologies The promotion of the use not only meets the environmental protection standards in production, but also allows the concept of environmental protection to be more deeply rooted in people's minds. The promotion of environmental protection concepts will also represent more companies in the path of environmental protection printing.

The formation of the printing circle can be described as "frozen three feet a day and a cold day." Solving these problems naturally does not happen overnight. One family can do it. Today, we can be pleasantly surprised to see that China's printing has begun to have the concept of environmental protection, and companies that are leaders in the industry have already devoted themselves to the cause of environmental protection. I believe that in the near future, green printing will no longer be a dream!

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