How to classify the constant temperature shaker

Constant temperature shaker is widely used in biology, plants, microorganisms, genetics, medicine, environmental protection, petroleum, chemical, food and other scientific research, education departments for a variety of biological precision culture, genetic engineering research, petrochemical heating.

The constant temperature shaker generally has the following classification:
1, according to the oscillation method can be divided into: swing type constant temperature shaker, reciprocating type constant temperature shaker, dual-function constant temperature shaker (swirling and reciprocating)
2, according to the assembly can be divided into: water bath constant temperature shaker, gas bath constant temperature shaker, oil bath gas bath constant temperature shaker: Among them, the gas bath constant temperature shaker is a temperature-controlled air-conditioning air box and oscillator combined The biochemical equipment, gas bath temperature control up to 70 °C, commonly used 37 °C; water bath thermostatic shaker is a temperature controlled water bath and oscillator combined with biochemical instruments, water bath shaker temperature control highest At 100°C, the oil bath shaker is a biochemical instrument that combines a temperature-controlled oil bath and an oscillator.
3, amplitude mobilization method: multi-stage adjustable stepless adjustable shaker.
4, according to the timing function points: timing and normally open
There are three common types: 30-200 RPM, 400-300 RPM, and 60-400 RPM. The oscillating frequency reaches 400 RPM. Due to the high oscillating frequency, the requirements for the Erlenmeyer flask are high.
5, according to the number of doors: single and double doors
According to the volume is divided into: micro constant temperature shaker, constant temperature shaker and large constant temperature shaker.
6, according to the temperature range: low temperature (5-50 °C), room temperature, high temperature
7, according to the number of layers: single thermostatic shaker and double thermostatic shaker
8, according to the display method points: digital display (display only digital) and LCD display (can display numbers and letters)
9, according to the placement method: desktop, vertical, stacked, floor type
10, according to heating power points: 999W or less, 1000W-1999W; 2000W or more
11, according to the oscillation amplitude points: Φ25mm (common), Φ50mm (large)

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