How to choose dryer based on Screw air compressor

Compressed air is the most important power source in the production industry today, and the compressed air system of screw air compressor is very important for the production enterprise.The correct use of screw air compressor purification equipment dryer and filter in the system, can improve the service life of the pneumatic control system, reduce control system failure and fault, has important significance to improve the work efficiency and economic benefit. So how to choose dryer based on Screw Air compressor ?According to the following two side : 1.Type of screw air compressor If using oil lubricated screw air compressor, its oil content indicator >15mg/m3 should be equipped with high efficiency and precision filter and select the external heating type micro-heat regeneration dryer. 2.Exhaust temperature and exhaust pressure of screw air compressor According to the exhaust temperature and exhaust pressure of screw air compressor, the drying device and supporting equipment can be selected. When the exhaust temperature above 35 ℃, consideration should be given before the drying machine and oil removal filter equipment after cooler, the gas temperature drop to below 35 ℃.When low exhaust pressure is lower than 0.5mpa, no heat regeneration and micro-heat regeneration dryer should be used, and the external heating, residual heat and internal heat regeneration and drying device should be used with large filling volume and deep adsorption.When the exhaust pressure below 0.2 MPa, again after freeze drying machine should be treated with hot regeneration secondary drying device to get to 40 ℃ under good drying effect.