How to check whether the air valve is sealed or damaged

When the valve is damaged or not sealed, or when opening and closing is not correct, the effective power of the engine is reduced, resulting in the engine being weak and the amount of fuel being increased. Severe engine spontaneous combustion.

In particular, when you replace the air filter, if you find that the air filter cartridge in the storage of organic oil stains, it is best to do an engine repair, check the working status of the gas valve. Whether it is not sealed or whether it is timing.

The linkage lever with the chicken spindle, under the traction of the chain or the pulley, acts precisely at the push rod end of the gas valve, opens the air inlet, or exhausts the air. Under the reaction force of the spring, the intake port or the exhaust port of the cylinder is closed and reciprocally works.

The meticulous inspection work is to use a special tool that first compresses the spring of the gas valve and removes the gas valve to fix the steel lock ring. The order of the cylinders is recorded in the order of arrangement. Then take a gas valve. At one end of the canopy, mark the mark with a chalk figure, insert the seat of the gas valve, and gently turn the throttle. Then take it out and check if the powder notes all disappear, indicating that the gas valve is sealed. If the mark is sometimes absent, the valve is damaged and the seal has been lost. The next step is to polish the valve.

Since it is working in a hot environment, the shape of the valve stem may be deformed. With a precision instrument, it can be measured whether the air valve steel rod's moving space is seriously worn. Or because of the deformation of the steel rod, it is not free to move up and down.

When adjusting the gas valve, the minimum distance between the chicken heart wheel on the transmission rod and the top of the steel rod of the gas valve is generally 0.25-0.33 mm, measured by the steel spacing ruler. In addition, it is necessary to accurately adjust the opening and closing sequence and time of the gas valve based on the engine ignition sequence 1-2-4-3, or 1-3-4-2.

Because the engine is working under a certain pressure, the seal of the cover is not sealed when the cover is finally replaced, which directly affects the power of the engine. Therefore, it must be in accordance with the standard, how much torque, fixed high temperature, high pressure washers. In order to get a fully powered engine.

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