How much is the cost of flame plasma cutting?

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First, plasma cutting:
Although plasma power manufacturers claim that they can cut to 100mm, in actual cutting, more than 20mm is more difficult. Cutting below 20mm is particularly advantageous, fast, and small deformation. When the plasma is cutting the thick plate, the cut has a V-shaped groove. But for stainless steel, aluminum, copper and other non-ferrous metals, flame cutting can not!
Cost: Take 6KW power supply as an example, cut the board below 20mm, cost 6KW electricity per hour, 48KW per shift, to 1.00 yuan/kWh, electricity 48 yuan. Electrodes, nozzles are about 15 yuan per set (domestic) and can work for about 3 hours.
8 hours working cost: 48KW * 1 yuan / KW + 15 yuan * 2.6 = 48 yuan + 39 yuan = 87 yuan.
Second, the flame cutting:
It is better to cut medium-thickness steel plates, and there is no V-shaped groove on the cut edge, and the maximum can be cut about 200mm, but the deformation of the steel plate below 5mm is larger.
Cost: A bottle of acetylene every 8 hours and a bottle of oxygen for 2 hours. Acetylene 78 yuan / bottle, oxygen 16 yuan / bottle.
8 hours work cost: 78 yuan * 1 bottle + 16 yuan * 4 bottles = 142 yuan The general industry believes: plasma cutting cost is about half of the flame cutting. The above analysis is for reference only. The data is not very accurate, and the specifics are related to the cutting experience.
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