How do textile machinery companies respond to new demands for "functional refinement"?

With the "fast fashion" and personalized clothing gradually recognized by Quanzhou garment enterprises, the company's product styles and production processes are updated faster and faster. At the same time, there are more and more special demands for textile machinery and equipment. Special equipment such as expedition machines are favored by garment enterprises, and the functions are refined into new selling points for sales and renovation of textile machinery.

One or two months after the Spring Festival each year, it is the peak season for the textile machinery and equipment market. In this context, the guests of this issue will present their opinions on how to respond to the new buyer's needs of “functional refinement” in the next year.

After-sales service market big moderator: After half a year of off-season sales, what are the market's demand for textile machinery equipment in next year?

Wang Zhongcheng: The refinement of the functions of machinery and equipment is a major development trend in the future. This feature requires textile machinery companies to lay out ahead of the market in the future. For large-scale garment enterprises, most sewing machinery merchants think that they have basically completed the upgrading. Small and medium-sized garment enterprises are the main direction for the breakthrough of sewing machinery and equipment. However, large-scale garment companies are more aware of the high efficiency brought about by the upgrading of equipment. Their pursuit of mechanized operation of energy saving and labor saving will not stop, and the market space is still large.

Li Guosheng: The huge market brought about by the refinement of functions is no longer a "future." According to the company's sales personnel market survey feedback information, dyeing machine as an example, there are many series of related products of light matching, the customer may purchase a device, but it can not be based on special process requirements, and other equipment purchased later Collocation; Even after purchasing a complete set of equipment, the production process will change in one or two years or even shorter. At this time, where to look for equipment modification services becomes a problem for the company. Prior to this, textile machinery enterprises did not pay enough attention to this market. Nowadays, market sales are relatively flat, and textile machinery companies should seize this opportunity to increase the ability to renovate after-sales products.

Downstream business special needs multi-moderator: Functional refinement has become an important demand for textile equipment for textile companies, how should textile machinery companies seize this business opportunity?

Zeng Shengli: According to the different stages of development of branded apparel enterprises and small and medium-sized garment enterprises, various enterprises have different market demands for special functions of sewing machines. Before the arrival of the sales season next year, textile machinery companies must grasp the needs of their customers and seek breakthroughs, and must seize every opportunity of these companies at different stages.

Wang Zhongcheng: Although it has experienced a few months of off-season, in the third and fourth quarters, garment companies have often designed some new styles and designs for new products in the coming year, especially women's and children's wear enterprises. This is also the reason why textile machinery companies often start spring. It will usher in the sales season. When downstream companies find that special equipment and retrofit equipment can replace manual processes that must be completed by skilled workers in the past, they often choose to purchase new equipment.

Therefore, it is a "required course" to find out the various needs of downstream businesses. It is understood that Hongyun, BEHRINGER and other textile machinery enterprises have been holding several product exhibitions for a number of old customers for a period of time, and training enterprise mechanics. The main purpose of these actions is to grasp in advance whether the downstream companies have the need for equipment transformation, or need to purchase other new equipment.

Strong targeted peer information: Moderator: The ability to estimate new business opportunities in the market is a key to the development of production and sales companies. How do companies obtain relevant information?

Zeng Shengli: It can change from the downstream product characteristics and market sales hotspots. At present, customers first pay attention to the special functions of the equipment, and secondly, they require the degree of automation of the equipment. Mechanical equipment with a high degree of automation is increasingly popular.

Wang Zhongcheng: Local companies can obtain information on market hot spots next year from the movement of domestic counterparts. In the past two months, more than a dozen domestic and foreign textile machinery enterprises have entered the professional market of Shishi sewing machines. The equipment such as hanging production lines and high-grade embroidery machines brought by these enterprises are all corresponding to different production scales and technological levels. demand. According to feedback from apparel companies and their exchanges and exchanges, well-known brands at home and abroad have a high degree of automation and are highly targeted.

Good at doing small things can be bigger to find selling points from the original product, in the dull market to tap business opportunities, textile machinery companies in the off-season out of the sales of special equipment, product features feature update road, which is also in other sales in the off-season The industry has provided ideas for exploring new profit points: Each segmentation and small market is worthy of sales and production research.

When the sportswear brand enters the brand competition stage in the market, it uses the brand influence to intervene in the field of children's wear and outdoor recreation; LED lighting companies face the huge market of lighting and do small products such as LED lamps, flashlights, etc... In the off-season, it can be expected. The market demand, often accompanied by fierce competition, finds rigid demand segments, cleverly avoids competition from peers, and does fine work on a small aspect of the “big cake”, which can also generate huge profits. The exploration of sales by textile machinery enterprises not only allows us to see the big benefits of “little offices”, but also inspires companies to select market segments that meet their needs when the market tends to be specialized and personalized.

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