Horizontal Boring Lathe DL250 passed the appraisal for nuclear power processing

June 25, from the news of Wuzhong Group, the horizontal boring lathe DL250 manufactured by Wuzhong was appraised by the national expert group and became one of the top 10 landmark equipments in China's "Major Project of Science and Technology for High-end Numerical Control Machine Tools and Basic Manufacturing Equipment". "High-end CNC machine tools and basic manufacturing equipment major projects" is the national long-term science and technology development plan identified 16 national science and technology major projects, DL250 is used for nuclear power equipment processing machine tools. Nuclear power is a key industry in our country. The half-speed rotor of the supercritical nuclear power plant is the core component of the nuclear power plant's power generation unit. This machine is required to load 500 tons of steel, milling and grinding machines. Before the advent of DL250, there is no such machine tool in China, but the maximum load of foreign machine tools is only 400 tons. The DL250 manufactured by Wuzhong has the largest bearing capacity of 500 tons and the world's first multi-functional organic integration of cars, milling and grinding machines for over-weight sleeping cars in the industry. It not only can process key equipment of nuclear power but also can process the rudder axes of giant ships such as aircraft carriers , Drive shafts and other large overweight parts, the successful solution to the key parts of China's major equipment localization of processing problems, to fill the gaps, Wu was born one invention patents and three utility model patents. At present, Wuzhong has provided more than 40 DL250 series machine tools to China First Heavy and other enterprises, and 2 have been exported to Azerbaijan.