Hokuriku Electric Industry Releases Digital Output 3-Axis Accelerometer

Hokuriku Electric Industries exhibited the small 3-axis accelerometers "HAAM-371" and "HAAM-" for digital output at the "SensorExpo Japan 2007" (August 4-6, 2007, BigSight, Tokyo). 381”. The sensor element is piezoresistive, the same as the company's previous analog products, and the addition of an AD converter. Meet the needs of mobile digital output.

The HAAM-371 has a frame size of 3 mm × 3 mm × 1.0 mm, and the resolution of the AD converter is 12 bits. The price is about 20% higher than the analog output product. The sample price is scheduled to be 3,000 yen. Sample shipments are scheduled to begin around June 2007. The HAAM-381 has a frame size of 5 mm × 3 mm × 1.0 mm, and the resolution of the AD converter is 8 bits. The price is lower than HAAM-371, and sample shipments are scheduled to start around August 2007.

The mobile phone needs to use a 3-axis acceleration sensor to switch the image vertical and horizontal display as an input interface for the game. Currently, the company's 3-axis accelerometers have been adopted by gaming consoles and portable music players. It is expected that this year (2007), the mobile phone-oriented market will also start in Japan and overseas.

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