Highway port exports dehydrated vegetables for the first time

On June 9, a group of dehydrated potato chips weighing 47 tons and valued at 47,000 U.S. dollars were exported to Russia via the Manzhouli highway port. This is the first time that the Manzhouli highway port exported dehydrated vegetables.

With the improvement of the living standards of residents, the demand for fruit and vegetables in the Russian market continues to increase. For a long time, the fruits and vegetables exported from the Manzhouli port have been limited to fresh vegetables and fruits, and have shown an upward trend year by year. The export of dehydrated vegetables has further diversified the export varieties of Chinese ports. Dehydrated vegetables can maintain the color, aroma, taste, and shape of vegetables, and they preserve the richest vitamins, proteins and other minerals. Moreover, the dehydrated vegetables are easy to use, and they are reconstituted into fresh vegetables within a few minutes after adding water, which is convenient for long-term storage, transportation and sales at room temperature, and will not deteriorate within three to five years. Dehydrated vegetables are deeply loved by Russians, especially residents in remote areas of Russia, and garrisons, becoming a new type of foreign exchange earning projects with promising prospects, large profits, and low risks.

It is reported that the export company of this group of dehydrated vegetables has signed a contract for the export of large quantities of dehydrated vegetables with Russia. In the future, dehydrated vegetables such as dried onions, dried red beets and dried cabbage will be exported to Russia.

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