High-performance intelligent six-phase microcomputer relay protection tester integrated structure, easy to use

High-performance intelligent six-phase microcomputer relay protection tester can simultaneously output six-phase current six-phase voltage, current 6 × 30A / phase, voltage 6 × 120V / phase, industrial computer Windows XP operating system, 8.4-inch large screen high resolution Color TFT liquid crystal display, USB interface, 2-20th harmonics, automatically generate WORD test report, frequency 10 ~ 1000Hz, 8 input 4 output, in addition to a full set of microcomputer relay protection device test, more convenient microcomputer difference The test of the dynamic protection device, with an accuracy of 0.2%, a high-performance embedded industrial control computer and a large-screen high-resolution color TFT LCD display, can provide rich and intuitive information, including the current working status of the equipment, next work tips and Kind of help information etc. A carefully designed chassis structure is adopted, which is small in size, good in heat dissipation, light in weight, easy to carry, and convenient for flow test. It has self-protection function, adopts a rationally designed heat dissipation structure, has reliable and perfect multiple protection measures and power supply soft start, and has certain fault self-diagnosis and blocking functions
1. Intelligent host, the host uses high-performance digital signal processor.
2. Stand-alone operation.
3. Connect to a computer to run.
4. 16-bit DAC chip.
5. Large-screen LCD display library.
6. "Fool-style" operation.
7. New high-fidelity amplifier.
8. Direct output of current and voltage.
9. Self-protection.
10. Rich contacts.
11. Single-chassis structure with integrated host.
12. High cost performance.

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