Henan Qianqian Case Off-site Review Has Corrected 556 Improvements

Henan Qianqian case off-site review has corrected and corrected 556 diesel generators | diesel generators price / 2010-08-26

The Politics and Law Committee of the Henan Provincial Party Committee has recently drawn 100 key business leaders from the grass-roots legal affairs department to form 9 review teams to conduct off-site assessment activities on more than 1,000 cases that may have enforcement issues.
In response to the public seizure law, the three wrongs cause Zhao Zuohai's eleven-year jail time. From June 10, the Henan Politics and Law Committee launched a four-month special education campaign on “correcting law enforcement and promoting fair law enforcement” in the province’s legal system. After two months of investigating and penalizing problems, the province investigated a total of 1,626 cases that may have law enforcement problems, corrected 556 corrections, and investigated 117 police officers who had law enforcement problems.
Li Xinmin, Member of the Standing Committee of the Henan Provincial CPC Committee and Secretary of the Political and Legal Committee, introduced that if the issues found during the review require a new handling decision on the original case, it should be conducted in accordance with relevant legal procedures. If it finds that the political and legal police officers have violated laws and disciplines, they shall be dealt with by relevant departments in accordance with the law in accordance with the administrative authority for cadres. For those who do not implement the opinions of the cases on schedule, the provincial Politics and Law Committee will issue a written supervision notice requesting that the deadline be met. For those who have failed to do so, are not correct, have failed to implement the assessment opinions after the deadline, or have not implemented the position, they should seriously investigate the responsibility of the relevant leaders and responsible personnel.
There are mainly seven categories of cases for this review: First, cases that the People's Court has found acquitted since 2005; Second, cases that the procuratorial agency withdrew from prosecution since 2005; Third, cases of repeated visits to the province since 2010; Fourth, 2005. Cases where the case file and evidence were lost since the fifth year; Fifthly, several cases where the retrial was not yet resolved have been reimbursed; Sixth, the case of an unnatural death of a prisoner in custody; and Seventh, a case of commuting a parole and serving a foreigner for medical treatment.
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