·Hefei: Individuals who buy pure electric vehicles can enjoy 10,000 yuan charge subsidy

On August 16th, it was learned from Hefei that Hefei City is aiming to build a national-level new energy automobile industry base, promote the application of new energy vehicles, and issue some opinions to support the development of new energy vehicles.
Among them, the individual purchase of pure electric passenger vehicles is fully supported: 10,000 yuan/unit is arranged in the local subsidy fund with the central government 1:1, which is used for charging cost subsidy and private charging facility installation; the first motor vehicle traffic accident liability Compulsory insurance fees are granted full financial assistance; license fees are waived; temporary parking for urban roads is granted.
A one-time purchase of a legal entity with more than 10 pure electric passenger vehicles by itself or an organization employee can enjoy a financial subsidy of 2,000 yuan per vehicle, but it must be used for the construction and management of the unit charging facility.

QUANTUM specialize in the design, manufacture and supply of a range of mixers best suited to your specific mixing and material characteristics.

Whether your application is batch mixing or continuous mixing, major, minor and micro additives, liquid to solid, solid to liquid, or liquid additives or de-lumping during mixing, QUANTUM has vast experience - over 30 years in building mixers to assist you in your suitable mixer selection.

QUANTUM Standard Range of Mixers:

Batch Mixing:

• Ribbon Blender

• Paddle Mixers.

• Z arm Mixers

• Plough shear

• Continuous mixing:

• Twin Pug Mixers

• Twin ribbon mixers

Conditioning and High Shear Mixing:

• Plough Shear Mixer. (U trough or Tubular design)

QUANTUM provide the latest technology to offer our customers the greatest possible saving in production and performance.

We can provide complete turnkey mixing plants including batch mixing, loading and un-loading systems, product de lumping during mixing or gentle mixing action for friable products.

Mixing Criteria for Selection of Mixer

The type of mixer is dependent on many factors some are as follows but these are not limited to the following:

• Production requirements: Batch or Continuous.

• Capacity throughput

• Characteristics and nature of product, additives and mixed material characteristics and flow ability.

• Uniformity of mix and additives.

• Quantity and percentage of Major, Minor and Micro ingredients

• Powder to liquid or liquid to solid mixing requirements.

• Does the material form lumps during mixing or require conditioning

• Clean down and contamination/ Clean down and sanitary requirements.

• Selection of suitable end seal for specific materials is very important.

• Heating or Cooling.

QUANTUM Paddle Mixers

The QUANTUM Paddle Mixer is unsurpassed for its FAST, THOROUGH BLENDING. Curved, adjustable paddle blades combine a scooping and lifting action with a unique [criss-cross" blending pattern to assure a complete uniform blend for partial batches as well as full batches.

Unlike conventional Ribbon Blenders, which tend to be slow and do not allow for blending of partial batches.

Thorough Clean-Out and Positive Discharge, this is achieved with the paddle blades being curved to conform to the contour of the mixing chamber and installed to allow a close tolerance with the mixer shell. This close tolerance assures a thorough clean-out of the chamber and a positive discharge.

QUANTUM Mixers are of heavy duty construction, giving long life and trouble free performance.

An innovative [WHIZZER" can be installed on any paddle or any plough-type fluid bed mixer to provide capabilities to de-lump, pulverise, grind, finish, blend, fiberise or intensively agitate.

QUANTUM Z-Arm Mixers

QUANTUM Z-Arm Mixers are designed for fast, reliable mixing of products for the food industry. Our mixers are successfully operating and mixing ingredients for confectionery through to cereal products.

The Z-Arms Mixers have the following features:

• Z-Arms cast from stainless steel in one piece

• Mixers can be polished to suit your requirements

• The shafts seals can be quick knock down sanitary type

• The mixer bowls are heavy duty, with continuous polished welds

• The mixer bowl can be tilted for fast and complete emptying

QUANTUM Pug Mixers

QUANTUM Pug Mixers are suitable for a wide range of industries from clay and bricks through to mineral extraction processes. Pug mixers are used for applications requiring continuous flows with difficult to handle sticky products. QUANTUM have designed mixers with highly abrasive and corrosive products. Different materials of construction can be mild steel, stainless steel through to exotic alloys such as Alloy 600 and Hastelloy.

Our Pug Mixers can be supplied with different options such as:

• Heating or cooling jackets

• Liquid injection nozzles

• Wear liners

• Adjustable mixer paddles to control throughput and retention time

Industrial Mixer

Industrial Mixer,Rotary Ribbon Mixer,Sigma Blade Blender,Industrial Mixer Grinder

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