Hebei Luquan City Bureau of Geology and Mineral Resources - both mineral development and environmental protection

Our city is located in the central and western part of Hebei Province, east of the provincial capital Shijiazhuang City, west of Taihang Mountain. The city has a total area of ​​603 square kilometers, which is a transitional zone between mountains and plains. Mountains, hills and plains each account for one-third. Mountain West non-metallic mineral rich resources, has found 16 kinds. By the end of 1999, there were 176 mining enterprises in the city with 33,000 employees. The total output value of the building materials industry was 3.01 billion yuan, accounting for one-third of the total industrial and agricultural output value of the city. The mining economy has become the biggest pillar of the municipal economy. In the early stage of reform and opening up, due to the failure to deal with the relationship between development resources and mine environmental protection, mining companies have been extensively operating and the benefits are low, which not only wastes resources seriously, but also creates a large pollution to the ecological environment of the mining area. Many natural landscapes and tourism resources have also been damaged to varying degrees. In recent years, in accordance with General Secretary Jiang Zemin's spirit of "protecting natural resources and maintaining a good ecological environment", the bureau started with strengthening team building and improving various rules and regulations, based on in-depth investigation and scientific planning, to rectify the mining order. For the purpose of promoting the development of local mining economy, the development and protection are equally important, and the mining environment is continuously improved, so that the mining economy of the city has gradually embarked on a healthy track from disorder to order, and thus realize scientific development. Our main practices and experience are:
I. Scientific planning, synchronization of mineral development and environmental protection
Mineral resources development planning and geological environmental protection planning must be carried out simultaneously, coordinated and coordinated, in order to minimize the damage of the mine environment caused by resource development. Since 1985, we organize geological exploration units in the city conducted a large-scale geological exploration, circle nine medium-sized water marl mine, a large dolomite ore and a medium-sized quartz sandstone ore, made clear The distribution characteristics, types and reserves of mineral resources in the city. On this basis, the map of the mineral resources of Luquan City, the planning plan for the development of mineral resources in Luquan City, the distribution map of mining enterprises in Luquan City and the geological topographic map of 1:1000 were drawn. The development plan of four three two six six six, namely, planning five cement limestone protection zones, four cement limestone reserve mines, three cement batching bases, two mineral water protection zones, six planning quarrying areas, and six Forbidden mining area. While doing a good job in resource development planning, we started with a clear understanding of the geological environment of the city, doing a good job in geological disaster prevention and geological environment protection, and invested more than 180,000 yuan to carry out geological environment surveys and geological disasters surveys throughout the city. Mastered the first-hand materials. According to the geological environment status of the city and the hidden dangers of geological disasters, the map of the current situation of the mine environment in Luquan City, the plan of mine environmental protection planning in Luquan City, the plan map of the comprehensive environmental improvement demonstration area of ​​Luquan City and Hebei Provincial New Cement Plant Mine Closed Pit Rehabilitation Plan. In accordance with the "uniform deployment, step-by-step implementation, key breakthroughs, comprehensive advancement" work ideas, the "three three one and one one" mine environmental governance plan was formulated, that is, three key disaster prevention and control areas were identified, and three mines closed. Rehabilitation Zone, a mine environmental treatment demonstration zone, a mine green belt project, a dust-free gravel project.
Since the second half of last year, we have also hired the Economic Research Institute of the Ministry of Land and Resources to further develop the “Luquan Mineral Resources Development and Geological Environmental Protection Plan”, which not only improved the original plan, but also pointed out the current mining development in this city. The main problems existed, and the future development strategies and the medium and long-term development goals for 2010 and 2015 were proposed. The introduction of the "Planning" will play an important guiding role in the sustainable development of the mining economy of our city. [next]
Second, turning waste into treasure, economic benefits and environmental benefits have been collected for several years. In terms of resource supervision and management, we always adhere to the general policy of equal emphasis on development and protection, open source and throttling, while rationally exploiting and utilizing mineral resources. Actively carry out recycling of waste mine tailings. In 1994, we passed several tests, the successful use of calcium hydrogen phosphate production and lower corners of waste - phosphogypsum plaster instead of cement batching, not only eliminate the pollution, and increase of social benefits 2.2 million yuan. Due to the large number of quarrying enterprises in the city, hundreds of thousands of tons of stone powder are produced every year due to quarrying. The wind is scraping and the sky is overwhelming. The local circulation of “Luquan per capita is three or two soils, and the daytime is not enough to make up at night”, people are deeply polluted by dust. A true portrayal. Become the most headache for mining companies and local people. In response to this situation, we organized personnel to tackle the problem of reusing tailings powder, and studied the use of stone powder to replace cement raw materials to manufacture cement and colored floor tiles and hollow brick technology. In the past few years, it has consumed more than 6.5 million tons of stone powder and increased social benefits by more than 50 million yuan. . West Slope board pulverized coal power plant ash treatment plant will be built in the city's high Yaocun, 600,000 cubic meters of fly ash emissions, not only pollute the environment every year, and to cover mining, the village has become a public hazard. With our guidance and help, the village developed a hollow brick technology made of fly ash, which was officially put into operation at the beginning of this year, with an annual output of 360,000 hollow bricks, consumption of about 110,000 cubic meters of fly ash, and an increase of 3.6 million in social benefits. Yuan, making waste a treasure. Because we make full use of waste mine tailings, turning waste into treasure, saving resources, improving resource utilization and resource efficiency, and reducing pollution caused by waste mine tailings to the mine environment, so that the mine environment has been effectively protected.
Third, beautify the mine, leave a shade for the children and grandchildren
In order to correctly handle the relationship between resource development and environmental protection, and further promote the coordinated development of resource development and environmental protection, at the beginning of 998, the bureau issued a tree planting and greening activity to the city's mining enterprises with the aim of “preventing pollution, beautifying the environment, and benefiting the children and grandchildren”. Initiative, launched the belt project of mine greening, and received the unanimous response of the mining enterprises. 187 mining enterprises signed a responsibility for the survival of the plant, and from March 10 to 15 each year, the mining enterprises greened the barren hill day, 10,000 enterprises Workers should plant trees in the mountains, and should plant belts. It is recommended to plant more than 36,000 trees in three years. The planting area is more than 600 mu, and the survival rate has reached more than 78%. At the same time as the mine is greening, it is also necessary to carefully arrange the clay mining points to minimize the mine land occupation and then do the reclamation work. We reduced the mining point of cement clay from 46 to 2, and formed scale mining. After harvesting, it was re-cultivated and turned into irrigated land. This alone, in the past two years, it has saved more than 730 acres of cultivated land. 60 acres of land, while also greening around the soil, planting more than 700 apple trees, effectively saving and protecting the cultivated land, praised by the local people.
Fourth, eliminate dust, and provide blue sky for Luquan
Most of the quarrying enterprises in our city are open-pit mining. Due to the early start of development, low starting point and backward production process, the company does not have dust removal equipment . It produces a lot of dust during production, and emits tens of thousands of tons of dust per year to the atmosphere. It has greatly affected the production and life of people in our city. At the same time, due to the wind direction, it sometimes meets the provincial capital Shijiazhuang. In September last year, Vice Chairman Wang Wenyuan of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference put forward a clear request for dust control work when he visited the city. Our bureau decided to lock Huanglong and return my blue sky to create a clean and beautiful production and living environment for the provincial capital and the people of our city. In October last year, in accordance with the work arrangements of the municipal party committee and the municipal government, the bureau organized relevant personnel to tackle the problems in this aspect. The start of the water-leaf dust removal experiment, but due to the large amount of water consumption, can not be widely promoted. So we changed our minds, borrowed the dust removal process of cement production, hired technicians, and carried out the sealed bag dust removal test. After more than 10 times of debugging, we finally succeeded. The “sealed bag type dust extraction” process has low investment and easy promotion. The investment of this process is 16,000 yuan. The dust removal effect is good. After the on-site inspection by the environmental protection department, the soot concentration is 7855 mg/m3 before the process transformation, and 51 after the transformation. Mg/m3. It collects about 200 tons of dust every year. This kind of dust can be used as auxiliary materials and feed additives for papermaking and linoleum manufacturing. It can be recovered in the same year. After the technical transformation, the existing quarrying enterprises in our city can recover more than 30,000 tons of dust every year, which not only improves the comprehensive utilization of mineral resources, but also effectively reduces dust pollution and improves the mine environment. Mr. Cheng Weigao, Director of the Standing Committee of the People's Congress of China, and Vice Minister Jiang Chengyu of the Ministry of Land and Resources conducted an on-site inspection and highly praised this. At present, more than 130 quarrying enterprises have signed the responsibility for dust-free gravel, and 70% of the enterprises have achieved dust-free gravel. It is expected that by the end of October, all the quarrying enterprises in our city will achieve dust-free production, and Luquan will re- There is a beautiful blue sky. [next]
After several years of work and practice, we have the following experience
1. Perfect absence is the legal premise for mine environmental protection work. In the past few years, the city has successively formulated seven normative documents such as “Implementation Opinions on Strict Protection and Rational Development and Utilization of Mineral Resources” and “Management Measures for the Protection and Rational Development and Utilization of Mineral Resources in Luquan City”, which are closely integrated with the actual mining industry in our city. It has formulated a series of safeguard measures specifically for protection development and protection during development, so that all governance work can be based on evidence and can be followed; if we require mining enterprises to apply for mining registration procedures, they must plan ahead. And mine environmental protection measures, otherwise, will not be handled; this year, the establishment of a geological environment guarantee system, so that mining workers' awareness of environmental protection continues to increase, while the mining economy is growing, the mine environment is also protected and optimized.
2. The first step in public opinion is to push the ideological foundation of mine environmental protection work.
For more than ten years, we have consistently used all kinds of propaganda positions and public opinion tools to carry out comprehensive, multi-level and focused legal publicity and education activities, and pushed the knowledge of mining laws to thousands of households. In 1992, a mineral law knowledge contest was held with 13 participants from 360 units. Live broadcasts were carried out by Shijiazhuang TV Station. In 1994, a literary evening was held jointly with Shijiazhuang TV Station "Happy City", which included the knowledge of mining law. In 1995, he co-organized the Mine Law Speech Contest with Hebei TV Station and broadcast live. In May 1999, the Municipal Bureau of Geology and Minerals organized five mining enterprises and Hebei TV Station jointly hosted the “Guessing the Color” 10th program, which will protect the ecological environment and prevent geological disasters through the host, guests and audience. The question and answer form is expressed in the form of fun, knowledge and education, and has received good results. We also carefully organized the cultural and art propaganda teams of various mining enterprises to perform around 27 factories, mines and agricultural performances, and publicized and educated the masses of 27,000 people. In the past few years, it has also held 26 training courses for mining companies for mining enterprises, with more than 5,000 training personnel. Extensive and in-depth legal publicity has enabled the broad masses of cadres and the masses to enhance three kinds of consciousness; first, to enhance the awareness of all mineral resources countries; second, to enhance the protection awareness of mineral resources and the mining environment; and third, to enhance the awareness of sustainable development of mining industry. Everyone is fully aware that mineral resources are very precious, non-renewable, and not wasteable. Mining mineral resources cannot be sacrificed at the expense of the mine environment, greatly improving the sense of urgency and responsibility of the broad masses of cadres and people to protect mineral resources and protect the mine environment.
3. Leaders attach importance to it, which is an important guarantee for doing a good job in mine environmental protection. The municipal party committee and the municipal government attach great importance to the protection of the mine environment, and specially set up a mine environmental governance leading group with the mayor as the leader, the deputy mayor as the deputy leader, and the responsible person of the relevant department as members. The leading group meets regularly or irregularly according to needs, conducts supervision and inspection of important work, puts forward specific opinions on major issues, reports to the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee or the municipal government executive committee to study and decide, and instructs the public, inspection, law, division and other powerful departments. The functional departments of industry and commerce, electric power, environmental protection, technical supervision and other publicity departments have fully cooperated with the mining and minerals departments to carry out the law enforcement work of the mines and mines, forming a macro-management, and the specific situation of some people is grasping. The relevant departments coordinate and coordinate, forming in the whole city. The strong synergy of environmental protection provides a strong guarantee for protecting the mine environment.
The above is a brief introduction of the mineral resources development and mine environmental protection work of our bureau. Compared with many brothers and counties, there are still many gaps and shortcomings. In the future, we will continue to implement the spirit of the central population, resources and environment symposium, and mineral development. Pay equal attention to environmental protection, strive to achieve coordinated development of resource development and environmental protection, and make our due contribution to the sustainable development of local economy.

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