Harbin "Credible Driver" left an apology after the accident

Harbin "Credible Driver" left behind apologizing paper diesel generator | diesel generator price / 2012-11-30

On the morning of the 29th, Mr. Chen, who was living in the Daowai District of Harbin, went downstairs and was ready to drive to work. Suddenly he found that the right front bumper of his car had been smashed. When he was desperate and had to think he was unlucky, he suddenly discovered that the wiper had an apology note that the driver had left to him, causing him to feel mixed.
At 7:30, the reporter saw at the intersection of Qiantang Street and Beibeidao Street in the Daowai District. The front right bumper of a Mazda sedan was smashed and the debris was scattered. According to the owner of the car, Mr. Chen said that his car was still in good condition yesterday afternoon and it was crashed overnight. When he was depressed, I wondered who in the crowd was shouting: "A piece of paper is on the wiper!" Mr. Chen picked up the note and saw a three-line word: "Hello. I bumped your car and the insurance company is already out of danger. After you see it, I'm sorry to ask you to contact me (mobile number) (blue). I'm sorry. After reading the note, the person present was almost unanimous: "This one Mr. Lan is really decent!” said Mr. Chen, the owner of the vehicle. Although such a small accident occurred, the driver was really careful!
Mr. Chen told reporters that at 8:30 he met with the driver Mr. Lan. Mr. Lan said that during the middle of the night when he drove to the intersection of Qiantang Street and North Twelve Avenue Street, he ran into Mr. Chen’s car during the turn because of the cold weather. He could not find the owner and he was after the accident. Left a note with his own contact information. Mr. Chen said with emotion: “I used to hear people talking about a middle school student scraping a car and leaving an apology note for the owner in other provinces. I did not expect this to happen to my side.”
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