H8 series CNC system with up to 8 axes of control

In recent years, with the rapid development of China's national economy and the need for national defense construction, there is an urgent need for high-end CNC machine tools. This provides a broad market space for medium and high-end CNC systems that represent the “heart parts” of machine tools. China's high-performance CNC system has long relied on foreign imports. Zhongda Dentsu has become the representative of Chinese CNC system providers, breaking the monopoly of imported CNC systems. After the successful launch of the H4 series, it has introduced a maximum number of control axes. Up to 8-axis H8 series CNC system.
In addition to the maximum control axis count of up to 8 axes, this product also has a 10.4-inch color LCD display with a split operating platform for easier use and more flexible operation. Its voltage command type servo system has a maximum response speed of 1000KPPS per second and a speed of 60m/mim at a resolution of 1μm. The advent of the H8 series of CNC systems is bound to bring strong shock and new impact to the Chinese machine tool market.
The characteristics of the H8 CNC system are as follows:
H8 universal open system architecture, including embedded PLC with LCD editing software, users can plan their own screen content, can be applied to various industrial machinery and automation equipment;
H8-M milling machine type, including standard milling machine PLC and LCD interface planning, can meet more mechanical design;
High-definition 10.4' LCD liquid crystal display, the milling machine system has simple graphic programming function and the interface is more friendly;
Maximum number of control axes:
General-purpose system: 8-way servo axis + 1 inverter spindle + 1 analog output,
Milling machine system: 7 servo axes + 1 servo spindle;
The resolution can be set to 7 digits, the full closed loop control architecture, and the control precision is higher;
With program hand wheel test (anti-collision) function, program simulation, single section, skip and program restart function, the function is more powerful;
The H8 Universal has a master-servant mode function and a passive ENCODER feedback function to easily build master-slave follow-up and synchronous cropping functions;
In addition to supporting standard G code programming, the H8-M milling machine offers a variety of fixed cutting cycles, duplex cycles and MACRO macro programming.
Zhongda Dentsu recently launched the H8 series CNC system with up to 8 axes of control. It broke the foreign technical blockade and occupied the highest point of this strategic industry, greatly reducing its application cost and thus making China The equipment manufacturing industry has ushered in a new era! It is expected that in the near future, with the popularization and promotion of 8-axis linkage CNC machine tools, it will surely lay a solid foundation for China to become the world's most powerful country!

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