Ground source heat pump technology Building applications continue to grow in 2013 or Yingda development

2013 is the twelfth five-year plan to undertake the opening year, water source heat pump usher in the full year of development. The south vigorously promote ground source heat pump technology, so that the water source heat pump in 2013 there is a good start, water source heat pump applications are gradually expanding, many cities in the construction of new and all buildings under construction using ground source heat pump technology to achieve winter Heating. It has three major advantages: First, energy saving than other conventional heating technology can be 50 to 60%; Second, environmental protection does not emit any waste; Third, operating costs can be reduced by 30 to 70%. As a new clean energy, geothermal energy is becoming the choice of more and more countries. China has become the world's largest country that uses the most heat energy. At present, the building area of ​​ground source heat pump technology in China has exceeded 140 million square meters. During the "12th Five-Year Plan", China is expected to complete an area of ​​350 million square meters of ground source heat pump heating (cooling) area at 200-300 square meters Yuan investment intensity, with a total investment amount of 700-1050 billion yuan. March 12, 2012 The Geothermal Energy Utilization Technology and Its Application in China released by Ministry of Science and Technology describes the actual situation of geothermal energy utilization in China. China is a large geothermal resource country with medium and low temperature. The geothermal resource potential in China is close to 8% In the development and utilization of geothermal resources, with the development of ground source heat pump technology, the use of shallow geothermal energy is currently the main mode of development and application of geothermal energy in China. In general, the utilization of geothermal energy in China has formed a pattern of development and utilization of geothermal power generation, geothermal heating, surface water source heat pump heating and cooling, seawater source heat pump heating and heating, convalescence and tourism, planting and breeding. Plan proposed that enterprises will be encouraged to focus on conditional assessment of geothermal energy resources, geothermal power generation technology, high efficiency heat exchange (refrigerant) refrigerant, high temperature heat pump compressors, high-performance pipe network materials, tail water recharge and water Processing, mineral extraction and other key technologies for joint research. Depending on geothermal energy utilization demonstration projects, we accelerated the industrialization of geothermal energy-using key technologies and formed strong industrial support for geothermal energy development and utilization in China. Over the past few years, Nanjing, Hangzhou, Wuhan, Yangzhou, Nantong and other cities along the Yangtze River have been implemented in some district central heating. Wuhan 2006 launched the "warm winter and cool" project. In August 2010, the "Jiangsu Province Energy Conservation Regulation (Revised Draft)" put forward: "Local people's governments above the county level should carry out urban thermal planning, promote cogeneration and central heating." At present, 14 national demonstration buildings in Tianjin use the ground source heat pump system known as underground energy air conditioner for winter heating and summer cooling, and will be popularized in the newly built public buildings in this city in the future to reduce the energy consumption of primary energy sources Consumption, and reduce the pollution of the atmosphere. Since last year, Jiangxi Provincial Bureau of Geology and Mineral Resources Hydrology Team and the Poyang Lake Institute of Ecological Environment carried out a special investigation and study, released on April 18 results show that during the "12th Five-Year" period, Jiangxi Province in 11 major cities to promote Source heat pump technology to develop shallow geothermal energy can be more than 6 million heating floor area heating and cooling, the potential for construction area of ​​592 million. With an average of 100 per set of housing calculations, for 592 million houses heating and cooling. Because of its advantages of energy saving and emission reduction, ground source heat pumps have been widely used in North America, Europe and China in advance. The application of ground source heat pumps in China ranks second in the world after the United States. During the "12th Five-Year Plan" period, the development and utilization of geothermal resources may set off a new round of investment boom. In addition to the further development of the geothermal heat pump equipment manufacturing and sales industry, the energy service industry for geothermal energy utilization will also enjoy rapid development. Relevant industries Or will benefit in the long term.